How to change your life for the better is something people don't want to talk about.


Well,because then you have to admit something is wrong.

So let's take a look at this “uncomfortable” topic.

Sometimes my friends ask me why my blog doesn't just focus on one thing?

Well, firstly that's boring.

Secondly and more importantly in life balance is everything.

If you are balanced, you become more efficient in everything.

Think of a UFC fighter as an example.

If you can only grapple and not box, kick or stay mentally focused then you are at a significant disadvantage.

Sure you don't have to be equally efficient at all of them because we all have our strong points.

Getting better at life and building a solid foundation is not easy and if we just focus on one area, it becomes harder.

So what should we focus on?

Let's look at three key areas.

How To Build A Life Foundation


Your mindset is the most important part of your life.If you get this right, you will make everything else a lot easier.

When you get your mind focused on the right things and learn how to control it, you will build power and confidence.

There was a time in my life where I was unaware of the fact that if you don't take control of your mind, then your mind will take control of you.This caused a lot of pain and failure in my life.

You are not your mind, so you need to take control of it.Guess what?The mind is very difficult to control, and it takes consistent work to make sure it doesn't lead you into darkness.

The legendary Tony Robbins say's that:

“Your Brain is not designed to make you happy, that's your job.”

What does he mean?Well, the human brain is almost 7 million years old, and the most of that development took place in the past 2 million years.

Our brain has evolved to survive.Not to make us happy.Your brain does not care about your happiness, goals, and dreams.

It cares about being comfortable and keeping you safe.For example, when you want to get up and go to the gym at 6 am your brain would say”stay in bed, its warm, comfortable and safe.”

So it's your job to train and condition your self to overcome these instincts and overcome them with your will and focus.

That is why you need to take control and constantly work at becoming better at controlling your mind.

(2)The Body

The second part of this triangle of control is the body.Your body needs to be healthy, strong and efficient.

I don't care how much people meditate and work on their mindset, if you don't look after your body, then your mindset will suffer, and you will basically shoot yourself in the leg.

Sometimes guys tell me that they hate exercise and it's not their “thing”.

Who cares?

Get over it.

You think I like getting up and going out running in the cold?

No, I don't like it but I know I have to do it so I can become better, stronger and live a better quality life.

Also, you will live longer!

When you exercise your body will release hormones that will make you feel great.

You will feel happier, and your mind will feel clear.

The body-mind link is incredible and the two walk hand in hand.

When you exercise your mind feels better.

When your mind is right, you want to exercise.

It's a win-win situation.

Another important reason for you to be in a good physical condition is for you to be powerful in your role as the protector.

You need to be able to help and protect your wife, girlfriend and family.

This is your responsibility.

That alone should be motivation enough to get your ass in the gym.

Learn a martial art and stay fit.

The world is still a dangerous place, and if you are weak, you will not be able to protect those who you love and care about.

(3)The Spirit 

You don't have to be religious to have ethics or think about your place in this universe.

Being quiet with your own thoughts, meditating or going for a walk by yourself in the forest could all be ways to get in touch with nature, the universe, God or whatever you believe in.

Personally, I don't have this all figured out.

I was raised a Christian, but I don't go to church or see myself as religious.

However, I do think there is a God or energy in the universe.

For me it's about trying to connect with whatever that is by going for a long walk, switching off all electronic devices, meditating,praying and being grateful for everything in my life.

This gives me time to think where I'm making mistakes and where I'm doing good.

We all have a part in ourselves that we can't put into words and this is what spirituality is all about.

We are all part of the greater human family, and it's important to try to stay connected to this universal truth in your own way.

This article is a simplification of the three areas that we need to focus on to make sure we keep on growing and moving in positive direction.

These areas all link with each other and by themselves, they become weaker.But if we keep working on all of them life gets better, and we keep moving forward.

foundation for a better life

Be Ready For The Punches

Life will punch you in the mouth sometimes, and you need to be ready.

This is just a fact.

Bad things will happen.

People will die, businesses will go bad, and relationships will end.

This will expose you to pain.

The reality of this planet is that if your mind, body, and spirit are weak, then you will suffer.

If you are strong in those areas you will still suffer but you will get through it a lot faster, and you won't roll up into the fetus position and cry.

As a man, you will be placed in positions where everyone will turn to you when things go bad.

Will you be ready?

Or will you be the one looking for someone else to lead the way?