When I Left School I thought I was kind of educated.

I was young but I thought I knew the basics.

When I left University I thought I was now finally done with learning.

My education was over.

Now just had to go out and conquer the world.

I was in for a big surprise.

The big surprise is the following: I knew nothing. I was uneducated.

Sure I knew something about my field of study.

But besides that, I was uneducated like most people on the planet.

I was exposed and vulnerable.

Unfortunately, it took me a few more years after university to realize just how far lost I was.

To realize how uneducated I really was.

I realized most people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

I was failed by the system and the people who were supposed to teach me.

But blaming them means nothing.

The people who were supposed to teach me had the same problem as me, maybe they knew this problem existed.

Maybe they didn't know this problem existed

Or worse they knew it existed and just chose to do nothing about it.

However, I'm not here to blame.

My position was my responsibility.

I had to take ownership and turn the ship around.

Here is the thing, most people on this planet is going in the wrong direction, they just don't know it.

Most people think they are going north in their ship.

The truth is they are going south without knowing it.

By the time they realize it it's too late or they just decide its too much work to change.

But here is the thing, it's never too late or never to much work. 

It's your responsibility to take ownership and make sure your ship is going to the true north.

Your Full Potential

Reaching your full potential as a man is not just one thing, its a combination of things.

You need to figure these things out and put them all together.

We have the knowledge available.

The question is will you take it?

Will you do the work to reach your full potential?

But let's take a look at what we don't learn in school and university.

Let's take a look at what many of our parents and teachers don't teach us.

Somewhere along the line men stopped teaching to young men the most important information on this planet.

The information that is crucial for our survival on this planet:

We Don't Learn How To Become Healthy And Strong.

Your brain is part of your body.

It is all one.

When your body functions well then your brain functions well.

The food you eat is fuel for your body.

What you eat you become.

The good thoughts we have are fuel for the brain.

What you think you become.

Your lifestyle influences everything else you do.

The importance of a healthy mind and body can't be overstated.

You need to take care of your fitness and health.

You need a strategy for what you will eat and drink.

You need a strategy for how you get strong and flexible.

You need a strategy for having a strong heart and cardiovascular system.

The body and mind connection is your responsibility.

School and university don't teach you this.

You need to study it.

human potential

We Don't Learn How to Think and Use Our Minds.

The most important tool you have is your mind.

Your brain is not designed to make you happy.

That is your job.

Your brain has evolved over millions of years.

It is really good at helping you stay alive and survive ancient threats like fires and wild animals.

However, we live in a modern world with new challenges.

In school, they don't teach us how to use our minds so we can have a chance of happiness and success.

They don't explain to us how the brain works and how important our mindset is to having success in life.

Nothing is more important than mastering your mindset.

We Don't Learn About Entrepreneurship.

The time where jobs were guaranteed is gone.

You need to turn yourself into a resource so you can create opportunities for yourself.

You have to take your ideas and put them in the marketplace and monetize them.

Schools are running an outdated form of education where they are teaching people a lot of stuff that has zero financial value for your future.

They do not teach you how to think creatively and how to become an entrepreneur.

We Don't Learn About Becoming Financially Independent.

Financial independence links up with entrepreneurship.

No school teach you how to get your money right.

There is no subject on how to become financially independent.

Instead, they teach you a bunch of useless crap about safe spaces and feelings.

What they should have taught you is how to start becoming rich and financially independent, but they didn't.

So now it's up to you to start making your first million.

A million dollars is not a lot of money anymore.

If anything bad happens to you or your family then you will need money.

If you want to truly live freely and make an impact on the world then you need to start now and get your money right.

Start now!

Don't wait.

We Don't Learn About Being A Man.

There is no subject in school about being a man.

They don't teach you that you are the masculine energy of this universe.

That testosterone is your superpower and that you need to become mentally and physically strong to support yourself and the people you care about.

They don't teach you that as a man you need to get control of your emotions.

They don't teach you that you need the masculine qualities of strength, courage, honor, a mastery.

They don't teach you that you will make a friend with self-discipline and self-ownership.

They don't teach you that everything is your responsibility.

They don't teach you how to defend yourself and how to take care of your mind and body.

They don't teach you to live like a man and to take ownership of everything in your life.

The Good And The Bad

We Don't Learn How To Be Good With Women and Relationships.

Many men struggle with women and dating.

They struggle to get a girlfriend and to stay in a relationship.

The reason is simple.

They don't know anything about women.

They were never taught how women think and act.

They were not taught about how to be a type of man that women automatically find attractive.

They were never taught that attraction is not a choice.

They think by using logic they will persuade a woman to like them.

This has caused a lot of pain and unhappiness with a lot of men.

The good news is that you can change it, you can take control of this part of your life.

You can choose to become good with women,dating and relationships.

But you need to do the work first.

We Don't Learn How To Survive and Defend Ourselves.

You will at some stage in life be physically confronted.

The question is are you prepared for it.

Did they teach you in school how to fight and defend yourself?

What about you walking with your girlfriend or wife and you don't know what to do when something bad happens?

Don't shift the responsibility to someone else.

You don't need to be a master but learn a practical martial art.

Learn how to shoot a gun.

Learn CPR.

Learn how to be aware of your environment.

Those 4 things will give you a great advantage to keep yourself and the people you care about safe.

We Don't Learn How To Learn.

Most people in school don't learn how to learn.

It is a learnable skill to learn work and memorize a lot of information.

Unfortunately, most people don't learn this and struggle to excel in whatever they are studying.

You need to learn how to learn to speed up your personal development.

We Don't Learn Philosophy and Ancient Wisdom.

How should we live our lives?

Do you have a strategy or plan?

Do you know how to live a good life?

Do you know how to reach your full potential?

Learning about the mistakes and failures of our ancestors will teach you to avoid their mistakes.

Studying ancient wisdom will teach you the strategies you need to overcome adversity and challenges on your way to living your best life.

self help

We Don't Learn The Importance of Reading and Acquiring Knowledge.

Finding the right knowledge through books, courses, blogs, and audio is the most important parts of your education.

You can plug into the minds of the greatest thinkers in history.

The knowledge is available to you.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking is not encouraged in schools.

The idea of being a lifelong learner is not encouraged in school.

They don't want you to think outside the box and become an independent thinker.

Knowledge is power!