Whatever your reason is for reading this blog there is one thing all have in common:

You are looking for something.

Mostly that something is some type of change or improvement in life.

It could be all areas of life or it could be one specific thing.

But whatever it is it will all start in the mind.

And when you develop your mind you will change your life.

That is a logical cause and effect.

Work on your mind = Change the Way you live.

Before we start remember one thing:

All areas of life are connected.

You change one thing in one area and it will influence all other areas of life.

For example, you start eating healthy: that will influence your mood and energy.

And that will go on to influence your productivity,health and sex life.

This is how to develop a strong mind.

One powerful change has a butterfly effect for the rest of your life.

So keep this in mind as you go through these guidelines I will mention in this article.

So with that in mind lets get started:

think big

The World Is What You Think It Is.

You are the center of your own reality.

In fact, you are the center of your own universe.

We all walk through the world with a certain attitude.

That attitude will decide what kind of experience you will have in the world.

If you walk around thinking that everyone around you is out to get you, are judging you, disrespects you, etc, then that is exactly what you will get.

Your mind is a mirror.

And whatever your dominant thoughts are will be reflected back at you from the universe we live in.

As you think you become.

Therefore if you walk around thinking you are loved, respected, revered, and admired then guess what?

The world will start seeing you that way.

This mindset will take time to create because you have mindset patters that you build over many years that will take time to change.

But it's possible to change.

The most important step is to believe that it is possible.

If you know your thoughts are fucked up but believe it's possible to change then you are going in the right direction.


Energy Flows Where Attention Goes.

This idea is simple but powerful.

People have the tendency to obsess about things that happened in the past or things that could happen in the future.

They spend most of their time thinking about these things.

They dont just think about these things, they tell everyone around them about these things.

What you focus on will dominate your reality.

Therefore if you focus on the negative then you will have a predominately negative daily experience.

For example, you had a bad break up and all you think about is your ex-girlfriend and all the negative experiences in that past relationship.

In Sales, the following happens: people will make on a sales call and have a bad experience and then give up because they can't forget that painful phone call.

In fitness someone might have a painful experience with a personal trainer in a gym and then give up because all they think about is that one bad experience.

live in the moment

Live In The Now.

It's helpful to look in the future or past to plan or learn lessons from past mistakes.

But dont live there.

The power you have as a human is to embrace the present moment.

Static energy is in the past.

Dynamic energy is in the present moment as you read these words.

You can choose right now in this moment to make a change in your life.

Or you can choose to embrace that past or future and stay where you are.

Again short visits into the past and future are good, but dont live there.

Step out of those static energy fields and embrace now…… then make things happen.

You will die one day, but dont crawl there on your knees like a weakling.

Stand up on your legs and face the moment.

Stop distracting yourself.

Play the game of life by embracing the moment.

The moment is when we stop thinking and start doing.

Its when we push fear to the back of our minds and do what you want to do.

Step up!

personal power

Embrace Your Personal Power.

Most people in the world wait for someone to come and save them.

Or they look for something outside them to change their world.

They think they “just want to be themselves” and that the only reason they haven't got their fair share in life is because of the outside world.

They look at the world outside them and look for someone to blame for the misery in their lives.

Its always some outside event, group or individual that made them “suffer”.

These people dont realize that the thing they are looking for is inside them.

The power they want is in their minds.

Our minds have the power to transform our reality.

All we have to do is to take extreme ownership of our lives and start using the awesome power of our minds.

We have the tools to help us get there.

We have books, blogs, mentors and other resources to help us get there.

But ist up to us to take responsibility step up and feed the mind with the right information.

Then with hard work we can create whatever we want on the planet.


Truth Is Measured By Effectiveness.

If you start embracing personal development as your responsibility then you have taken a massively positive step.

However, in your evolution, you will find an overload of information.

Somethings will work for you and others won't.

Some things will work for others and not for you.

This does not mean everything is a scam or bullshit theory.

Sure some personal development books or coaches are full of shit.

But you get that in any field of study.

It's your responsibility to not generalize and take what works for you.

Then let the rest go.

But be careful to just say something is “bullshit” just because its hard.

Some ideas take work and time to implement and get results with.

So make sure to have a healthy balance between recognizing when some things dont work and your own laziness or resistance to change.

So keep an open mind, throw out the junk, and keep what works.


There Are No True Boundaries.

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”  –

 -Nikola Tesla

As humans, we have a very limited consciousness.

Even with all our advanced science, there is still a lot of reality we dont understand.

With classical physics, we learned that the world is divided into objects and subjects.

However the study of Quantum Physics changed that old understanding of the world around us.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

Tesla the famous scientist realized early on that the universe is one giant energy field.

This was later proven with modern microscopes.

For example, if you look at a table under a microscope you will see the table vibrating. The table is not static, its a form of energy.

The whole universe including our thoughts are energy and that is why there are no real limits between anything in the universe.

The boundaries between you, other people, and even God are not real.

Therefore you have immense power with your mind and actions to change the world around you.

You can do this by stop focusing on your limits and start focusing on your endless possibilities by using the power of your mind combined with massive action.

Start Now!!

personal development


Some of these ideas might not resonate with you right away.

But read them again and open your mind to the possibility that the way you are currently thinking might be wrong.

Start working your mind by making a simple but challenging change: Observe your thoughts and look for negativity.

As soon as you recognize negative thoughts stop and replace it with something positive.

Negative thoughts are toxic so remove them.

The power of positive thinking will surprise you once you start making it part of your new reality.

Just this simple shift will start making a subtle difference in the way you experience life.

Lastly, remember that change sometimes will seem hard. And your mind will try and convince you that what you are doing is wrong.

The reason for this resistance is that after many years you have allowed your mind to set the ground rules and control your life.

But the truth is that the mind can be your humble servant of a vicious tyrant.

And for most of the time the tyrant is in control and has been for a long time.

If that is you then its time to kick out the tyrant and bring back the humble servant.

Unfortunately, the tyrant won't let go of the power easily.

self help

So you will have to face that resistance and overcome it through repetition and building your mind into a positive fortress.

So keep on working and developing.

You might only realize the lesson of whatever you are learning after going through the material several times.

This is normal.

Keep working at it!

Remember that whatever you are looking for is on the other side of all your fear and resistance.

So keep on pushing and keep on moving forward.

This is how to develop a strong mind.

Good luck!

Until next time.