There comes a time in every man's life where he has to confront himself with Self Discipline.

We walk through this world doing things that we know are wrong.

We keep on doing them even if we know they are wrong.

For some reason, we justify it to ourselves.

We let ourselves get away with it, telling ourselves a story why its OK.

But deep down we know it's not OK.

We do things like use people even if we know there is nothing in it for the other person.

We have habits that we know will only bring misery and pain.

We talk to some people in ways that we know is not polite.

We talk about other people in ways that we wish no one would ever talk to about us.

We judge people in a way that we hope nobody would ever judge us.

We give opinions about things that we know we know nothing about.

We wait to talk when others are talking instead of really listening.

We are quiet when we could just smile and say thank you.

We think only of ourselves in situations where helping others will cost us nothing.

We buy things we don't need.

We let other people's opinions affect us.

We do things without thinking it through.

We eat terrible food.

We drink too much alcohol.

We don't exercise.

We watch too much TV.

We waste time on Social Media.

We are slaves to our phones.

We spend money instead of making money.

We keep making excuses.

We do all these things, and we know we should stop.

There comes a time when we need to look in the mirror and confront ourselves and say,”I had enough, it's time to stop, it's time to start walking down a new road.”

mental toughness

Confronting Yourself

Confronting ourselves is the first step to elevating ourselves to the next level.

When we elevate ourselves by confronting ourselves, things change. Life Changes.

Our self-respect grows, and the way we carry ourselves starts to change.

We start having a real effect on this planet.

We start being a real part of this planet that contributes and raises people up around us.

We become an effect on this planet, and we stop being affected by it.

You are now in a potentially very powerful position.

You can now take control.

After confronting yourself, you need to go to your trusted old friend, Self-Discipline.

Self-Discipline will become the cornerstone of a new way of living.

All the things you want to change in your life will be guided by Self-Discipline.

The reality is that after confronting yourself you will still drift into old ways of doing things.

That's where Self-Discipline comes into the game.

The real work starts now.

Confronting yourself is the first step in transforming your life.

It's up to you to keep the momentum and start changing your life. Stay on the road with iron self-discipline.

This will be a process and not a quick fix.

All bad habits and bad behaviors are usually so strong that it takes months to fight through them.

So expect resistance and fight through.

The Resistance

We all have an inner resistance to getting better.

I have mentioned before that this inner resistance is an ancient force in our minds that is trying to stop us.

The author Steven Pressfield calls this force “The Resistance”.

According to Pressfield, inner resistance is anything that stops you from taking action.

Usually, these things that stop you are things like self-doubt, fears, and other forms of procrastination.

I'm sure you have noticed that when you are trying to make a change or you are trying something new in your life and suddenly there is an inner dialogue.

Suddenly there are ideas popping up out of nowhere.

These ideas or voices usually have a common theme.

The theme is: “Whatever you are trying to do is a bad idea.”

For example, you want to start going to the gym 5 days a week.

And suddenly the following type of “Resistance” pop up:

” The gym memeber ship is tooo exensive.”

“I'm not really a gym person.”

“I'm too tired.”

“People will laugh at my overweight body at the gym.”

“It's too cold.”

“It's too hot.”

“My favorite TV show starts in an hour.”

The resistance is the ancient part of your mind that doesn't care about your dreams and goals.

It just wants you to be safe and not take any risks.

It probably comes from a time in ancient human history when it was dangerous to make sudden changes because of the threat of attack from animals or rival human groups.

Even though we don't live in ancient human tribes anymore the mental imprint of this ancient protection mechanism is still with us.

It doesn't serve us anymore in terms of our modern environment, but we still have to deal with “The Resistance.”

So we need to recognize this “Resistance” and overcome it with our old friend Self Discipline.

The problem with “The Resistance” is that when left unchecked its power over you grows stronger.

It's like a wild horse, you need to subdue it and take control of it.

The more you overcome the force the more you will get.

But again, don't let it take power from you or it will get harder and harder to get free from its grip.

But keep the following reality in mind:

“The Resistance” will never disappear.

It will always be there in some form.

The only difference is once you get control, it has very little power over you.

For people new to self dicipline the force of “The Resistance” will be fierce.

It will also use different tactics to trick you into doing what it wants.

It will lie to you and tell fake stories so you follow its orders.

For example, if you want to go for a run and it starts raining, suddenly a voice in your mind will say “You can't run in the rain. Go and watch TV and go for a run tomorrow.”

This is a simple tactic of “The Resistance”.

It will always try and stop you, but once you know and recognize the tricks, you will easily overcome them.


We are all warriors. Our biggest war is inside.

It's against that part of ourselves that we want to change.

We want our higher self to be the one that's in control.

We want to kick our inner bitch out.

That will take some time.

You will need to go into the safe space of your mind and kick that little bitch out.

While you are there burn down the safe space in your mind.Make sure your inner bitch stays out.

When you are done, the King(new you) can move in and take control of your life and your destiny.

Its time for you to step up,go to battle and start winning.

You were born a King, now its time for you to be a King once more.