The Elite British Special Forces Unit the SAS or Special Air Service has a motto,”He Who Dares Wins”

I couldn't agree more.

These guys know what they are talking about.

To win in life, you need to get in the game; you need to dare to be great.

You need to dare to have a chance to win.

He Who Dares Wins!

Every time in my life where I dared to do something great something awesome happened.

he who dares wins

The greatest success I ever had was when I went against the advice of everyone around me and followed my own heart.

Thinking for yourself and stepping away from the group thinking will create power in your life.

People have told me that it's impossible, it's unrealistic.

They have told me to stop living in a dream world.

When I didn't listen to those voices, I had great success.

But the times I did listen I ended up losing.

Then I went into periods of my life where I started losing and lost confidence in myself and my ability to achieve things that other people thought were impossible.

The things that make life fun are found beyond our comfort zones.

Beyond our fears.

That's the place where the dynamic energy is, the place where we make breakthroughs and have massive success.

For some reason as soon as I start talking about doing something outside my comfort zone, the “experts” start appearing.

I'm talking about the people who start giving “advice” about what you are about to start executing on.

They will find reasons to convince you that it's a bad idea to go for the thing you want.

They will tell you don't do it, don't go there, you are going to fail.

They will tell you its impossible.

Funny thing about these “experts” is that they are nowhere when you are in your comfort zone, and things are safe or even bad.

When you are on the couch eating junk food and watching reruns of TV shows, they will never give you advice or try to stop you.

They will never encourage you to improve your life condition.

But as soon as you get up, start eating healthy and going to the gym you will start seeing them appearing from nowhere to give you advice.

They will say things like”Are you a health freak now?” or “Since when do you to the gym?”

If you want to start a business, they will say things like “You are not a writer, why do you want to write a book?”.

Or they might say “Don't start a business, you know nothing about that, focus on your job.”

These people are dream killers.

They can't dare to do something great, so they want to stop you from doing something awesome.

When people tell me, I'm, unrealistic I know, I should do it.

That is my signal to move forward with whatever I want to achieve.

Are you going to fail?


I have failed many times.

But I have also succeeded many times.

The only reason I succeeded was that I failed before that and learned from it.

Failure is not always a bad thing.

You can find great lessons in failure.

The problem for many people is that they let fear paralyze them.

They don't take action because they might fail.

For some reason, they think they are going to live forever.

They think they will do the thing they want later.

Later never happens.

They listen to those voices around them, those “experts”.

They start believing them.

They stop dreaming.

Dreaming is the most powerful tool we have.

Dreams created the civilizations and everything great that you see around you right now.

Everything awesome in the world was first a dream, and then somebody executed on that dream and made it real.

Those great people dared to step outside their comfort zones.

Were they scared or uncertain?

Yes, they were, but they did it anyway.

Who Dares Wins!

Who Dares Wins!

That's how winning is done.

You step into your fear and go through it.

On the other side of that fear and uncertainty is where everything great can be found.

To get there, you will need to fight through critics and naysayers.

You will need to fight through your own doubts and keep moving forward.

He Who Dares Wins!