You find yourself in a world of mediocrity.

Or maybe you tried to elevate yourself to the next level but somehow you drifted back into the claws of mediocrity.

You are looking for solutions to get better.

You have tried several things superficially and they have failed you.

So you gave up trying.

You decided to keep doing what you doing hoping for better results.

But you keep on performing under your potential.

You keep on getting distracted.

You keep on getting influenced.

You keep on allowing the external world to influence your vision and goals.

You keep on allowing the external world to make you lose focus.

You keep on drifting further and further into mediocrity.

You keep on rejecting the truth and the more you do that the more your drift into the mediocrity that you feared but now gave into totally.

You have forgotten the dreams you once had becuase you told yourself you tried.

You returned to the state that most humans on this planet find themselves in, the state of the victim.

I've said this many times and I will say it again, we live in a modern culture of victimhood and if you accept this culture then mediocrity will be the world you live in.

The only way out is to remind you why you must first return to the idea of being a professional.

The professional is something I have written about before, but the nature of the human mind is such that repetition is needed.

Repetition is the mother of all skills.

So I'm here again to tell you to accept the path of the professional or drift off into mediocrity and never return.

The Path Of The Professional.

Step 1 ,accept the reality of the professional.

Step 2, you must make the way of the professional permanent.

And with permanent I mean it must be a way of life.

It cannot be just something you do sometimes.

But for you to make this permanent you must do something else.

And this something else is the reason why you failed at your first effort to become a professional in this game of life.

The reason why you failed is that you did not take the nature of your own mind seriously.

You did not listen to my warnings of the wild nature of the mind and the fierce resistance you will get when you try and take control of it.

Understand firstly that it's easy to think and talk about how you will change your way of thinking and create a new mindset.

The hard part is doing it.

You will have no harder opponent than your own mind.

The mind fools many by only allowing subtle changes to happen when challenged.

And these subtle changes only get bigger when challenged consistently.

To change the mind you must confront it consistently.

It must be a way of life.

And now many of you are saying “John I tried, but it's hard”.

And you might be saying “What should I do?”

My reply?

mental toughness

If I was to start changing my life right now I would do this:

First make the decision to commit to the way of the warrior, meaning everything I do from now on will be the way of the professional, in other words, the way of the warrior.

You adopt the Samurai mind.

This means it's not something I do sometimes.

All my actions from now on will be deliberate and calculated.

Self Discipline must be your way of life.

Second, The mind must be confronted.

Confronted by managing input and output and replacing old and outdated software that does not serve me.

In other words, the mindset must be worked on daily as a way of life.

Thirdly, every day you must do breathwork.

For many, this is a challenge, and it's something they resist.

They dont see themselves as the kind of person that does breathwork.

Guess what, if you are not that type of person then it's time to become one.

Do things that go against your current reality and you be surprised with the results if you stay consistent with your efforts.

So you must do box breathing every single day.

Get control of your breath.

Fourthly, get control over your physical body.

You must lift weights and you must stretch your body. For example, do weight training 4 days a week and yoga twice a week.

Or if you dont want to do Yoga then do weight training and do a stretching routine after you lift for 20 minutes.

But make it a habit.

That is the key, it must be a way of life.

As you can see the way of the professional is consistent, it's holistic, and it's a way of life.

This is the only way to make the climb out of mediocrity.

You must realize the fierce nature of the human mind and its resistance to change that serves you.

Most humans have been hypnotized and brainwashed to the point where they have very little control over their own minds.

They are being led into the darkness without knowing it.

You must take control or you will keep on taking the same actions and getting the same results.

To make lasting changes you must go well beyond just the surface, you must be willing to become uncomfortable.

Become comfortable being uncomfortable.


There you have it gentleman, the reality is professionalism must be cultivated.

But it's up to you.

There is no one else to blame for your lack of results.

It's all on you.

And remember repetition is the mother of all skills.

Until next time…