Motivation is a great thing to have, it's extremely helpful.

Motivation keeps us moving forward and gets us on point.

But unfortunately, motivation is not enough.

And motivation to get out of bed is definitely not enough.

Motivation is temporary and in order to stay motivated, you need something else.

That something else is an obsession. Obsession has gotten a bad name.

When you are obsessed with something people automatically assume that there is something wrong with you.

But what if you are obsessed with your goals and dreams?

What if your vision of the future is something that keeps you up at night?

motivation to get out of bed

What is Obsession?

Obsession is the when you are out of Ammo and you still run at the guy and take him out.

It's when everyone else has given up and you are still going at it like a maniac.

Motivation does not keep you up at night.

Obsession does.

It's that thing that you think about when you are driving in your car.

It's the thing you focus on when you are in the gym.

It's that thing that keeps you up at night.

It's that thing that makes you get up at night when others are sleeping.

It's that thing that makes you give up your weekends, holidays, time with your girlfriend,wife or family.

It's constantly in your mind.

How Do You Stay On Point and Not Give Up On Your Dreams?

How do you not give up on your dreams? You show up every day and not quit.

How do you not Quit? You have to become obsessed.

Its Your Choice

You have a choice in life.

Do one or two things and try to balance the rest of your life.

Or you become obsessed with your life and make sure you cram as much as possible into it.

Get obsessed, be obsessed, stay obsessed and then surround yourself with others that are also maniacs.

Get rid of negative people that make excuses.

Tell yourself and those around you,”We are going to Mars no matter what it takes and what it costs.”

What Happens When You Stop Feeding This Dream?

You have to keep feeding this dream.

You have to feed the dream.

Feed that beast that's deep inside you.

When you stop feeding the beast bad things happen.

I'm talking about that beast that is your dreams and fantasies.

When you quit you will see your life start falling apart.

When you let your dreams and fantasies starve your life will go downhill.

You will probably get into drinking or drugs or something else to fill that gap.

That's what I used to do in my dark days.

I went through a time of my life where I stopped paying attention to my beast and then the dark side pulled me in.

You get broken!

You get physically and spiritually broken.

You start hating yourself.

This is the time when you should not quit.

Go back to your beast.

Start feeding it and you will see your life turn around again.

You will have to restart, building from zero.

But you will recover if you stay focused.

Don't deny your obsessions.

When you deny your obsessions about the greatness that is inside you things turn bad quickly.

The reason is simple.

You are pushing down all this inner power and then it explodes.

Then you destroy yourself.

You Will Be labeled

All super successful people are seen as obsessed or get labeled as work addicts.

The more I work the more I accomplish.

The more I accomplish the happier I am.

The more I work and accomplish the better I feel about myself.

I'm not trying to fill a hole in my life.

I'm trying to reach my potential.

Reaching your full potential takes a lifetime.

So start today!