I just released my latest book on Self-Discipline and one of my friends asked me this question:

Why did I write a long book on Self Discipline?

He went on to say that everyone knows about discipline.

I said that is precisely why I wrote the book.

Everyone knows about self-discipline.

The problem is they think self -discipline is that strange thing athletes,soldiers, and other professionals do to be successful.

Most people avoid self-discipline.

The pretend it doesn't exist.

Then they go back to their mediocre lives and they keep on wondering why they can't get what they want out of life?

The answer is right in front of them.

martial arts

The World Has Been Deceived

The modern world has been deceived pampered and coddled.

They have been given an overdose of emotions and stimulation.They have allowed their minds to control them.

This is why mediocrity is a culture.

It's celebrated and accepted to be average.

In fact, if you step outside that mediocre bubble people will question you and even attack you with their words.

But stay inside in your comfort zone and stay mediocre and no one will say a word.

They will let you stew away in your mediocre existence without a care in the world.

The reality is that self-discipline is not the thing of just soldiers, professional athletes and a few others.

Self Discipline is available to you if you choose to step up and bring it into your life.

But here is the thing. Nobody can force self-discipline on you.

You can't tell someone to be self-disciplined,its a choice.

But you have to be ready to step up and take the life that is waiting for you on the other side.


The Secret Of Self Discipline

Let me tell you a secret about Self -Discipline.

Its a key to a door.

When you open that door a new life waits for you on the other side.

A life of self-control, power and success.

Cause And Effect

When you have total control over your mind, body, and actions the universe has no choice but to respond to that.

This is the very nature of cause and effect or Karma.

When you start becoming the cause of the impact in your life everything starts to change.

If you have a vision, dream or goal for your life, then the only way that you will get there is by adopting self-discipline in your life.

But remember this,you can't just dabble in self-discipline.You have to create a culture of self-discipline.

You have to make it part of who you are.

Then and only then doors will start opening for you in all areas of life.

To get there, you will have to walk through some uncomfortable situations.

You will have to transform from the person you currently are into someone else.

When you have made self-discipline part of who you are you will be unrecognizable to the people who knew you.

They will be shocked to see who you have become.

They will not understand how this is possible.

They will feel uncomfortable and surprised by your transformation.

But one thing is clear.

They will want to know how you did it?

Then you take a deep breath, smile and walk away and conquer the next mountain.

Because guess what? You are only getting started.

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