People like to talk about goal setting and building a great life but most of the time it's empty words.

So you say you are going to do something.

So you start talking about it.

You start getting excited about this vision in your mind.

That's great, you should get excited.

But the question is how far are you willing to go to get what you want?

See, many men talk.

Many men talk about what they are going to do.

And then a smaller group actually starts taking action.

And congratulations to them for taking action.

Because most of the people who talk never take action.

Because talk is easy.

But taking action is something else.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most of those who started to take action is not going to make it.

This is the reality for any field of action.


Well, most will give up or quit.

The goal could be in business, sport, professions(doctor, engineer, etc.)

The reality is that only a small group of people who start the journey is going to finish it.

And an even smaller group is going to excel.

What makes this smaller group different from the majority of people that fail?

Well, we know the talkers, only talk.

But what is the difference between the people who take action and the ones that make it in the end?

The Difference Is This:

They will take push themselves further and then anyone else expects of them.

They will go further than anyone thought possible.

They despise comfort zones.

They dont just despise them they actively avoid them.

They made a decision a long time ago that this is not something they are just trying.

It's a must-have.

Its something they want so badly that it consumes them.

They are totally unreasonable in their expectations of themselves and the world.

They are what normal people refer to as “unbalanced” and “obsessed.”

They will work for days with little or no sleep,they will outwork everyone else around them.

They will turn 3-year goals into 6 months.

They don't even think of giving up when everyone else has given up.

If they walk into a wall, they build a door.

They will find a way where others see none.

These people have a mindset that is so powerful that normal people don't understand it.

This elite group doesn't understand the word balanced.

They go all in.

They understand what is at stake.

And they are not willing to compromise.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”

T. S. Eliot

who dares wins

Taking Risks.

This small group of men is willing to go further than the world thinks is possible.

They are willing to walk into the unknown and risk it all.

They thrive in the uncertainty of it all.

It excites them.

It pushes them above and beyond any obstacles like exhaustion and stress.

self discipline

Initial Excitement.

Because if you have a goal and an objective that is important to you then you must know this:

Your initial excitement will die out.

Those talks you had with friends about what you are going to do will go to the back of your mind.

The feeling of motivation you had, in the beginning, will grow silent, and then what is left?

What is left is the measure of the man.


Then the question is what are you going to do?

What are you going to do when the lights have faded and it's only you?

Are you going to run for comfort?

Because guess what?

To elevate yourself above the average will demand everything from you.

And it will put you in some deep dark corners.

You will be confronted with mental and physical exhaustion.

Remember if you want to become truly elite in what you want to do then you must be willing to walk alone.

Alone in terms of accepting full responsibility for your objectives, actions, and outcomes.

And that means discomfort.

John Winters

The Reality.

In reality, this means risk.

Risk in terms of being good with the fact that it might not work and being fine with that reality.

It means long days, nights, weeks, and even years of pushing yourself into the red.

And yes I hear some of you saying “That's extreme, you need to be more balanced.”

Fine, if you want to be balanced then get ready for being average.

Will there be a time when you can pull back the intensity?

Yes, there will be.

But to get to that point you must commit to going all-in in whatever it is you want to accomplish, there are no shortcuts.

And this brings us to our most important commodity: Time.

We all have limited time on this planet.

And you must realize that the clock is ticking and once the time is gone you are never getting it back.

John Winters


So get it done and then you will be in the position to be more “balanced” and “enjoy” life more if that is what you choose to do.

But again, you must earn that position.

And to earn it you must be willing to walk through fire.

You must be willing to take it further than anyone can possibly expect from you.

Are you in or out?

Your choice!