“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
-Thomas Jefferson

It's easy to get seduced by the world we live in.

We love the comfort and the ease of everything.

We press a button and something is done.

We drive in our cars to go to jobs we hate.

We buy big houses and pay them off for life.

We buy expensive stuff we don't need.

Day by day we get drawn in deeper into this web.

Day by day we give away more of our freedom.

Day by day we give away more of our sovereignty.

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We Do This Mostly Unconsciously

We surf hundreds of TV channels mindlessly.

We scroll social media like we are going to find solutions to our problems there.

We waste away hours of our time arguing with strangers online.

We give away our health by eating garbage.

We surround ourselves with negative news and influences.

We Get Seduced

We get seduced by the culture of emotional addiction.

We get seduced by the culture of victim-hood.

Every person you meet is somehow a victim.

They have sold themselves into peaceful slavery.

The monthly payments on the house.

The monthly student's loan payments.

The monthly insurance policies.

I get it! Nobody can totally live outside the system.

Playing The  Game

You can play this game by making your own rules.

But to do this you need to realize that you have the power to change the rules and even go above and beyond them.

But it starts with the realization that Dangerous Freedom is better than peaceful slavery.

Because when you start living life on your own terms you step outside the normal boundaries of society.

You start thinking about how you will use this system to enhance your freedom.

But you have to realize with this freedom will come more risk and danger.

But you already know that deep down in your heart.

You know that is what you really want.

You want to walk free and experience more risk and potential failure.

Putting yourself out there to possibly fail is what life is all about.

Just playing it safe and staying in a safe space is not living.

That is dying a slow and painful death.

Like I mentioned before the first step is realizing that this is a choice.

You will have to show some courage to go the road less traveled.

But freedom doesn't come free.

It comes at a cost.

However, the rewards outweigh any cost.

When you are free you live like a man should live.

Walking tall with your head up high.

Waking up with a smile on your face and thanking God for another day on this planet for you to walk around like a hungry lion.

You have a choice to not buy a house to live in. But instead, rent a home.

Then buy houses and rent them out as an investment.

You have a choice to not go to university but rather educate yourself. (Except professionals like Doctors, engineers, Lawyers etc.)

You have a choice to take that cubicle job for the rest of your life.

Or step out into the world and start your own business.

The modern world has given us the internet so we all have some skin in the game.

The opportunity is there for you to take.

You have a choice to take care of your body and prevent illness by eating healthy and lifting weights.

You have a choice to live like a man and know how to defend yourself by learning martial arts.

You have a choice to create a mindset that always looks to get better.

You do this by getting knowledge and executing on that knowledge.

But more importantly, realizing that you can always get better.

You are always improving, it never stops.

You have a choice to get on a plane tomorrow and going wherever you choose to go.

Nobody is holding you back from that choice.

You have a choice to take full responsibility for your life.

That includes everything you do or everything that happens to you.

You have a choice to be a man that lives with honor and follows a set of rules that guides him through this path of life.

You have a choice to get your money right.

Not think about it, but make a choice to start getting your finances in order.

For this, you will need a plan and you will need to execute relentlessly.

Most importantly you need to believe that its possible for you to get rich.

The Choice

You have to make a choice if you want to walk this earth as a single man or find one woman to spend your life with.

But don't just settle and sell yourself to anyone that will take you.

Its a choice, do it on your own terms.

Marriage is great if that is what you want.

But only with the right person.

But being single is also great if that is your choice.

The same goes for starting a family.

Do it because you want to do it.

Not because your neighbors are doing it.

You have a choice to make this life into something remarkable if you realize you have freedom at your very fingertips.

You were born free and you will die free if you choose to do so.

If you don't make the choice then it will be made for you.

You will be swept away with the tide of the masses of sheep walking this planet and you will wake up when it's too late.

Word Of Warning Before You Take The Road Of Dangerous Freedom Over Peaceful Slavery

One warning this road of Freedom is not for everyone.

You will need to learn how to fight and be relentless in that fight.

Many battles lie ahead and you will have to face them.

You will have to overcome adversity and hardship.

You will have to show extreme levels of self-discipline and perseverance.

But within this struggle you will be free, you will realize this battle is a place where men walk tall.

This is where you create your path and walk it to the end.

Here in this crucible of living life free and on your terms, you will find happiness.

Because true happiness only comes to men that are free.

We know that we are not victims, the world owes us nothing an everything that is ours we earned and created.

We know that this is just the beginning.

We will take dangerous freedom over the hell of peaceful slavery every single time.