The reality of life is that great success will be found in your greatest pain.

Let me say it again:Your greatest successes will be found in your greatest tragedies.

This is one of the great ironies of life.

Something we can't avoid.

Something we dont like talking about.

Maybe we pretend it's not true.

But if you stop and look back over your life you will find this to be true.

The pain and hardship that was created by your actions and choices will haunt you, but at the same time, it will gift you with opportunities, wisdom, success, and power.

I'm not saying look for ways to find pain so that you can find the gifts of adversity.

But what I am saying is that as men we have to go with our gut.


Push The Limits

We must push the limits to find our authentic selves.

And within doing this we enter part of our own minds that we have avoided.

We go into areas that we haven't explored.

Fears we have not looked at.

Inseurrities we dont want to deal with.

We go on a road less traveled, facing our own demons and confronting the darkness in our hearts.

We go through trials and adversity.

We push ourselves to take risks, not knowing if we can recover if we fail.

We confront the weakness that holds us back.

We heal old scars.

We build new bridges and look for ways to get better.

We reject safety and go after a dream.

We go against what society tells us to do.

And in doing that we go on journeys of the unknown.



On these journeys, we discover new parts of ourselves.

Parts of ourselves that we knew existed but we kept hidden from the world.

We invite these parts into the light.

We look at our pain and let it heal.

We reject our weakness and embrace courage.

We reject fear and embrace courage.

We go on this journey and when we return we are someone else.

Maybe you started this journey becuase you got your heart broken by a woman?

Maybe you lost a best friend?

Maybe you lost a family member?

Maybe you are running from your past?

mindset of a warrior

Challenge Destiny

Whatever it is know that the pain you experienced was the fuel that drove you above and beyond what was in front of you.

It was the thing that inspired you to take a leap of faith into the unknown.

We all get born into different circumstances with a different destiny.

But as men, it's our duty to challenge that destiny.

We challenge it by our actions.

We challenge it by our choices.

Yes, we make mistakes and life throws challenges in our faces.

We are born men, but we know real men are not born, they get made.

But they get made only of you make the choice to create that man.

You start with a vision of who you want to become.

And you must have the courage to follow that vision and go after it with everything you have.

Know this: most will never go after that vision.

They will take a safe path.

The one that guarantees a warm hug and safety.

But you know in your heart of hearts that you want more.

Let your pain and past failures fuel you.

alpha mindset

Don't Let It Destroy You.

I dont know your story, but if you are reading this then know that we are brothers in arms.

We are looking to go after our potential on this planet with the limited time that we have.

Get beyond love and grief: exist for the good of Man.”

Miyamoto Musashi,

48 laws of power

Hero's Journey

Take that time and build yourself into someone extraordinary.

Someone that you can be proud of.

Someone that leads the way.

Someone that is of service to the world.

Someone that adds value in everything he does.

This road must start by confronting yourself.

There is no other way.

It has to start with an uncompromising honest assessment of who you are right now

And then starting the warrior's journey from there.

Our battle is a spiritual one, and we must choose the way of the warrior.

The journey of the warrior is the hero's journey.

Again,dont let your pain break you.

Let it fuel you.

You cant change your past.

But you can create your future.

Great success is waiting for you.

great success realty

Do The Work

But you must be willing to do the work.

You must be willing to be uncomfortable for a while.

Experiencing great success comes at a cost.

You must build your power one step at a time.

You cannot get it for free.

It's all on you.

Until next time my brother.