Your personal Code of Honor is the set of principles which you will follow during your life.

Whether or not the Code of Honor includes your social, ethical or moral principles become very important.

We live in a time where many people believe in nothing, they don't even believe in themselves.

They want to be given everything and they want people to do everything for them.

This leads to a lot of social problems like depression, lack of confidence, no purpose and people living life like zombies.

In the modern world, it's easy to see many people that are doing things and they have no idea why they are doing them.

They are just letting the stream(society or government)take them and tell them what to do.

They have no inner compass of what is right and wrong.

They just follow.

They look to the outside to decide what is right and wrong.

You don't have to live life this way.

We live on a planet with a lot of ancient wisdom that can be internalized and give you a solid blueprint that could guide you through this world from a place of strength.

You should live a warrior lifestyle.

Your personal Code should be your blueprint for living life.

You personal Code must be something that you will not break.

It is what guarantees the integrity of your journey through life, not the journey of society or someone else, but your journey.

You will have to define your Code.

This is something you have to create or adopt. It is not given to you by someone else or imposed on you, by someone else, no matter who that someone may be, or how important they have been, in your life.

In most societies, we have been taught a certain set of moral codes that is reflective of the general culture in which we live, but we also have an inner code that fits our preferred way of life and how we exist in the world.

Before you start creating your code of honor, ask yourself these questions:

What principles are important to you? This could be principles you admire or principles you learned from religions or life philosophies.

How practical are your rules?

Do you think it will be possible to follow your code of conduct in today's society?

Are you willing to live your code even if it goes against today's majority culture?

Let's look at a powerful example of a code that you may use as a guideline to create your own code or you could adopt the code and make it your own.

Whatever you decide to do you will get some value from this code.

The 7 5 3 Code

Let's Take a look at a Code developed by The Valente Brothers Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

The Philosophy of the 753 Code is based on the Samurai Bushido Principles.

The Bushido was the moral code of the Samurai Warriors.

The Japanese word Bushido translates to “The Way of the Warrior”.

It's a Samurai warrior lifestyle

The code was developed to keep these highly trained warriors ethical and on the righteous path.

The 753 code has 3 sections:

  • The 7 virtues of a warrior
  • The 5 keys to health
  • The 3 states of mind.

Even if you are not a martial arts practitioner this code of conduct can be very helpful in your life.

If you are a martial artist you will find that this code helps you to keep your ego in check so that your training doesn't give you a false sense of importance or power.

7 Virtues of a warrior lifestyle


Rectitude can be defined as morally correct behavior or thinking.

It can be a body of standards or principles derived from a code of conduct.

It could also be seen as deciding on a certain standard of behavior by using your own reason and being unwavering in that way of life.

It could also be described as a strong character in action.


Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you.

Courage can also be described as doing the right thing.

According to the Samurai, courage is only a virtue if the action is taken in the context of righteousness.


Benevolence is the quality of being well-meaning or kind.

As a man that has a lot of power and skill, benevolence should be an important quality.

Showing mercy to weaker people is a sign of strength.

There are times when powerful men should show love and magnanimity.

– Politeness/Propriety

Politeness is a behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people.

The code of samurai is deeply embedded in Japanese culture, if you go to Japan you will experience courtesy and good manners like few other places on earth.


Honesty is the quality of being honest.

There are often practical as well as moral reasons for being honest.

Being Honest leads to wisdom.

Walk through life being honest.


Having Honor could be described as someone that fulfill an obligation or keep an agreement.

Honor codes exist in certain groups.

Honor codes are certain standards that must be reached to receive respect within a group.

Honor can be lost if the rules are broken.

There is no equality in honor.

People who don't reach the standards are not part of the honor group.

If you don't live up to the rules of the group you lose your honor.

If an individual stop caring about the rules he loses his honor. Honor only exists within certain groups.

The US ARMY Green Berets Special Forces Teams could be used as an example.

To be respected within the Green Berets there are certain standards that must be reached and kept to stay within the honor group.

Break these standards or rules and you will lose the honor and respect of the group.

Usually, the member will them lose membership of this group by leaving or the group will demand the individual leave.


Loyalty the quality of being loyal to someone or something.

Personal Fidelity among men are important and build trust.

Loyalty exists only if honor is present as a value.

When honor exists within a group then Loyalty almost always exists.

There are a certain brothership and loyalty within a certain group of men.

These groups are usually relatively small.

Think about a US ARMY Special Forces Team or a SEAL Team.

They are both small.

1 US Army Special Forces team has 12 members. Seal Team Platoons has 16 members.

They are both small.

Think about sports teams Rugby and Soccer, they are both small 15 and 11 in size.

Within these small groups of men will be loyalty because honor exists within these groups.

5 Keys To health

As men, we always need to be ready to defend ourselves and the people we care about.

Living the 5 keys to health will make sure you are physically prepared for any situation and also prevent injury.

-Rational nutrition

Rational nutrition is a food intake in balance with energy expenditure and taking into consideration the main food substances like proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and other biologically active substances.

Avoid processed and junk food.

– Sensible exercise

Sensible exercise is about increasing your general activity every day and finding things to do that you enjoy.

We all know that regular exercise has beneficial effects on our general health and well-being.

Find time to do some kind of exercise through the day.

Get moving, lift weights and do Yoga.

All are best different days of the week.

– Efficient Rest

Rest and recovery is also an important aspect of an exercise program because it allows the body time to repair and strengthen itself in between workouts.

However, you have to earn your rest so make sure you don't become lazy.

Work hard and then take a well-deserved rest.

– Proper Hygiene

Proper Hygiene is maintaining cleanliness and grooming of the external body.

People have been aware of the importance of hygiene for thousands of years.

The ancient Greeks spent many hours Bathing.

Today is no different, make sure you scrub and wash your body properly every day.

Don't be lazy, make sure your whole body is kept clean and hygienic.

Maintaining a high level of personal hygiene will help to increase self-esteem and confidence and at the same time minimizing the chances of developing imperfections.

-Positive Attitude

It is a mental state that expects the best to happen.

Don't be naive, everything is life is great but there should be a healthy balance.

Accept that bad things could happen but go through every day with a positive attitude knowing that whatever happens won't be a surprise and you will find a way to deal with it.

3 States of Mind

The 3 states of mind are there to ensure mental health and clarity.

It will help us make clear choices based on wisdom, not impulse.


Zanshin is a state of awareness or relaxed alertness in Japanese martial arts.

In many Japanese martial arts, Zanshin refers to a vigilant, all-encompassing awareness.

It could also be described as being fully present in the here and now.

The mind is totally aware of its surroundings and in a state of ever-readiness without being attached to anything.


Mushin is a Zen expression meaning the mind without mind and is also referred to as the state of “No-Mindness”.

It is a state of spontaneity that allows immediate action without thinking.

In the west, its sometimes described as being in the moment.

The mind becomes empty and without distractions.

In sports and martial arts, this is when a player or martial artist is at his best-taking action with no mind or conscious thinking.

This level of No Mind is only accomplished by training the mind to stop thinking too much.


Fudōshin is a state of equanimity or imperturbability.

Simply put it could be described as someone that is incapable of being upset.

Sometimes it's referred to as the “immovable mind”, or “unmoving heart”.

It is a philosophical or mental dimension to Japanese martial arts which is a quilty found in the advanced practitioner.

Is is mental calmness in the face of chaos, anger, and confusion.

This state of mind is very powerful and can not easily be broken.



This code should be a guide for you to live as a powerful man based on a clear mind and wisdom.

This will improve your interactions with others, your health, and self-awareness.

The warrior lifestyle will guide you to greatness.