The biggest lie ever told to men is that they should focus on building a safe retirement.

And like good little robots men around the world start making their decisions to get ready for death.

They make it their goal to just get through this work part of life.

Then they can get to the long vacation called retirement.

In-between they save for mini-retirements also known as vacation.

Between those vacations they have little mini-retirements called weekends where they can just stop and get away from their lives.

Those two days are great.

They don't have to work.

They get to drink, party and have a small taste of how retirement is going to be.

Those weekends are heaven.

So are those 2-week vacations in Thailand every 2 years.

In-between those mini-retirements you will see hundreds of Facebook and Instagram posts about “2 years until Thailand” and “Thailand is my life”.

They make it very clear that their current life is only an obstacle.

Once they get over the obstacle they get to that retirement.

Then they can be free from this thing called work.

Why Retirement Is a Trap


It' All Bullshit.

I call Bullshit.

I like work.

I enjoy building stuff.

I enjoy starting new projects.

I love setting goals and going after them.

I enjoy the process.

The struggle the fight to get what I want.

I don't want a vacation to get away from that.

When I go on vacation I fantasize about getting back to my life.

I don't get the retirement thing.

Most people live the prime of their lives dreaming to get to a point where they are in their 70 ‘s.

Then they start enjoying life and start taking risks.

young guy

It All Starts Young.

It all starts young for most men.

They buy into this thing called retirement.

They listen to the people at the bank telling them to buy a house and start saving.

They believe the guy when he tells them buying a house is the biggest investment he will ever make.

So he gets into debt to buy the house.

Then he gets married as soon as possible and has kids.

The bills pile up and he still has to keep up with his goal of retirement.

Soon his life becomes I nightmare.

He works himself to death in a job he hates and all he does is pay bills.

His wife nags him to buy a new car and the kids need new clothes.

Before he knows it he maxed out all his credit cards and those house payments are not stopping.

One thing he doesn't let go off is that retirement dream.

That is his focus.

And also saving enough for that long weekend away with friends even if can't really afford it.

This is a glimpse into the life of many men living lives of quiet desperation.

where to retire

What Happens After Retirement.

As soon as they qualify.

These guys go home all excited and start sitting on the couch and drinking beer.

Finally, his times have arrived.

They start playing golf and having barbecues every weekend.

The first year is not too bad but something is nagging.

They start getting this empty feeling inside.

They thought they felt empty before but this is worse.

They soon realize that they mean nothing.

They are not needed.

They soon realize they have no purpose other than paying bills.

They soon realize the cold reality.

They are waiting to die.

Some of the saddest men I have ever seen are the ones that retire as soon as they can.

They are the walking dead.


There Is Another Way.

What about forgetting about ever retiring?

Forget it!

It's bullshit!

What about making your life a mission?

Your whole life is of service to yourself, your family and the planet.

This is the way of the warrior.

A way of living life that never ends.

But it all starts with a decision.

A decision to live a by a code.

Then you make a second decision.

A decision to dream big giant dreams.

You make goals so big for yourself that you know it's going to take your whole life to achieve them.

They are so big that maybe you won't achieve them at all.

This means that you will have to start right now.

It means another thing that is very very important.

I don't care what your goals are but there is one thing that all men need to do.

Its something guys don't like to talk about.

They avoid it.

And it's this:

You need to get your money right.

And then you need to become rich.

Very rich.

Is it going to be easy?


It might take you a long time.

But start right now.

It's your responsibility to become rich.

It's not just your responsibility it's your duty.

If you want to have a family, wife, and kids then you need to give them the best possible life.

To do that you need to take responsibility for your financial life.

You must take on this giant climb to financial independence.

You need to make a plan right now and start executing.

Forget about retirement.

Start focusing on financial independence and start building a legacy.

Start building something that you can work on until the day you die and then in the next life you come back for more.

Dream, take risks and most off all take massive amounts of action.

The world is there for the taking.

But you have to step up.

You need to step up right now.

Don't wait, start right now.

This will be the hardest thing you have ever done.

I'm not saying this to discourage you.

I'm saying it to excite you.

I'm saying it to challenge you.

Forget about just getting by.

Start dreaming about a great future for yourself and your girlfriend or wife.

Start Dreaming About a Fantastic Future.

Stop thinking about just having enough for your retirement.

Start thinking about building an empire for yourself.

To do that you will need a plan and you need to commit to getting there.

You will not get there by accident.

You need to be strategic about this.

You need to write down how you are going to do this and take the steps to get there.

Its possible but you have to believe that you can do this.

You have to show up and do whatever it takes.

You need to get ready for battle.

You need to get ready for setbacks, obstacles, struggles and also victories.

Those victories will come but you will have to fight for them.

You will get nothing for free.

You will have to fight to every inch and then when you are exhausted go back for more.

When you are absolutely exhausted and you feel like you can't do it anymore you will get a strange feeling.

At first, you will be uncertain about what it is but then you will understand the truth.

The truth is that you are enjoying it, the fight, the struggle the path.

That is where the happiness can be found.

The Buddha said very wisely that enlightenment is not at the top of the mountain, it's in the valley.

In the heart of the battle to get what you want in life, you will also find happiness.

Go get it.

When you reached those first goals you need to regroup and take a brief rest.

Then you need to realise the following:

You Have Been Playing Small.

You have been playing small.

Everything you have been doing to that point was nothing.

You need to write down your goals and look at them.

Then take a pen and write the following words next to them:


Yes, that right.

Whatever your goals are right now you need to think bigger.

A lot bigger.

This is not just with money and business.

Everything needs to be scaled up massively.

You have been limiting yourself.

A mind is a great tool and most of us limit ourselves in the way we think.

You need to free yourself from the mental chains.

Then start again.

Massive action and execution.

Show Up And Take What Is Yours.