Don't share your misery with your girlfriend or wife.

It's a mistake!

The world is a mean place.

And in a world where mediocrity and weakness get celebrated its dangerous for you to fall in this trap.

This article is specifically about being too emotional and sharing your misery with your partner.

The reality for a man is that your life will be hard and challenging.

You have to accept this reality as your responsibility to navigate and overcome.

Adopting a stoic philosophy will be helpful.

Then you can be successful and also have a successful relationship with your girlfriend or wife.

As a man, you will have to take responsibility for everything.

Everything Is On You

Even when things go wrong its on you.

If you decide to have kids it's all on you.

If you decide to buy a house it's all on you.

If you decide to make a risky deal it's all on you.

Whatever you decide to do its all on you.

Is it always fair?


Is life fair?


Everything in life is on you!

They key is this…..

You decide how this game of life is going to play out.

Now the fact that you are reading this blog means that you probably accepted that its all on you.



If you are in a relationship then you have someone to share your life with.

They key is in the word “Share”.

In a world where an addiction to emotions and fantasies are celebrated this leads to problems.

the game

Where The Problem Starts

The problem for most guys starts when they think their lives will get better when they share.

Sharing the reality of their hard world with their partners.

Guys go home at night and think all the emotion inside them have to be shared with their partners.

They think all the fear, doubts and anxiety should be shared and talked about.

They think that by downloading this heavy load on their partners they are making life easier for themselves.

Worst of all they think they are improving the lives of their partner by being “open” and sharing”.

Don't get me wrong, some things are cool to share and talk about.

But the world we live in has an all-out attack on masculine values.

They want men to be vulnerable and open about everything.

They claim this will help men, women, and families.

But if you look into the world today depression is higher than its ever been.

daily stoic

This Problem Is Massive In The Modern West

Divorce rates are sky high and women are more unhappy than they are ever been.

There is a disdain for men that have never been seen before.

The problem is that men created this when they started to accept the world of women as their own.

In the world of women, they sit around in little groups and talk about their fears, dreams, and feelings.

This is the nature of the feminine.

In the modern world, this has been sold as the natural state of men.

This is false.

The feminists might say that you should open up an share your burden.

They say we should cry and tell them about our fears and our doubts.

They say we should share that we are stressed all the time.

They say we should share how hard the day was.

They tell us that by doing this we are strengthening our relationships.

They say we are building trust and growing as a couple.

I say this is false.


Why Do You Think She Doesn't Have Confidence In You?

Because seeing you whine like a bitch turn her off.

Maybe it looks good in the movies where the guy cries with his head in his girlfriend's lap, but not in real life.

The reality is that in real life the only thing that happens as a result of that is that she gets disdain for you.

She starts having disgust for you that turns to hatred.

Yes, she might encourage you to share and open up.

But when you start going home every day and show only weakness she will start seeing you as weak.

The truth is that on a subconscious level she wants to trust you.

But she can't trust you if you are just acting on your emotions and not showing strength.

I see this happening with many guys.

Recently a guy told me “I share everything with my girlfriend but she is still not happy”.

I then broke the bad news to him.

I told him “That is why she is not happy”.

The reality is that she also bought into the feminist propaganda that you should share everything.

But she was also unaware that this would make her unhappy.

Don't get me wrong, talk to your women.

But your daily world of struggle and challenges is yours.

Its all on you and by going home and crying about it will not help you or her.

In fact, it will make both of you weaker.

Look around you today and look at the high numbers of angry women walking around in the west.

They Are Angry At Men

Women are very very angry at men in the west.

Everything men do is “not good enough.”

They say that they hate men because of “toxic masculinity”.

But the truth is that they hate men because they lost respect for them.

This is the fault of men that has allowed this to happen.

Your daily wars to build your empire is your business,don't make it your woman's.

A feminine woman wants to be there for you.

But by sharing every little fear and feeling with her is not going to get her to love you more.

It's going to do exactly the opposite.

Next time she asks you how your day was at work tell her, “It was fine”.

View the world through a stoic lens and she will respect you for it.