Simple morning rituals are something that has been talked about a lot recently.

Personally, it's something I used to build the success I have today.

And people ask me a lot about small things they can do to move the needle.

I usually give simple advice that will give them powerful results.

But in most of these instances, I can see in their eyes that they expected something more, something complex.

Within this “complex” mindset is the problem for most people.

Human beings have a weird desire for things to be complicated otherwise they dont think it's going to work.

And this brings me back to morning ritual ideas.

For example, someone would ask me: “John if you can give me one piece of advice to powerfully influence my level of success what would it be?”

And then I would say: “Build a simple morning ritual to build structure and momentum and then do the work with iron discipline.”

I can see that they heard me, but the information didn't get through.

The information didn't register.

They wanted something more complex.

They then have an expression on their face that tells me they think I'm keeping “the secret” of success to myself.

They think I'm trying to somehow keep the “good stuff” all to myself.

Simple Morning Rituals

Human beings love to talk about their grand plans about what they are going to do.

But as we all know most of these plans never get off the ground.

And the ones that do get going find themselves giving up before they even found momentum.

And like I mentioned earlier in this article they dont want to hear the truth:

Simple is better than complex.

And for me, simple Morning Rituals are the one thing that will help anyone who is struggling to get structure and momentum.

Discipline gets to build a lot easier when you give yourself leverage through a morning routine that makes it easier for you to get things done.

The Path Of Least Resistance

The reason why moring rituals create momentum is that it helps your mind to bypass the internal resistance that is very strong in the morning.

In my book Self-Discipline, I wrote about how the ancient part of the brain loves the path of least resistance.

In other words, it loves comfort zones.

This is the reason why people quit.

So let's look at an example.

There is a guy called Pete.

After weeks of mental battles with himself, Pete decided to finally take action on his dream to start his own side hustle to make more money.

Problem is that Pete also has a full-time job and dont have the time.

So he decides to restructure his day to get up earlier and go to work.

Pete also wants to make some other changes like eating more healthily, getting more exercise, and just taking his whole life to a different level.

These ideas Pete has in his mind are all good ideas, but doing them is something totally different.

And like I said before many people start imagining things they want to accomplish but then they find that they took on more than they can handle.

And Pete was no diffrent.

So Pete decides to set his alarm clock for 5 am and then go for a run and go to work.

After work, he wants to start working on his new online buiness or side hustle.

So the next morning his alarm clock goes off and Pete drags himself out of bed.

4:30 am is very early for him to get up so he decided to skip the run and just get used to getting up at 4:30.

He gets home after a long day and he feels tired.

He is simply not used to getting up at 4:30 am and working till 5 pm after getting up at 6:30 for many years.

So the next morning his alarm clock goes off again.

It's a cold morning and Pete decides to sleep for another 10 minutes.

Unfortunetly, he kills the snooze button and he wakes up at 7 am.

This is the end of Pete's plan.

He tells himself “I'm just not a morning person”.

Pete is literally millions of people out there who have honorable ideas of changing their lives and going after their dreams.

Unfortunetly Pete and millions of people in the world dont understand their own psychology and how powerful the ancient forces in the human body are.

This reality combined with the modern conditioning of the modern human mind limits them in terms of being motivated enough to break through internal resistance.

And people that have experienced what Pete has gone through don't believe solutions like morning rituals combined with discipline are what's needed.

They dont believe that simple ideas can bypass the resistance that everyone encounters.

simple morning ritual to lose weight

Elevating Yourself Above The Masses With An Holistic Approach – A Simple Morning Ritual

As I mentioned earlier, the human mind has ancient powerful forces.

To overcome this you need to take a holistic approach.

You need to attack this problem from all sides.

And morning rituals give you exactly that.

A well-designed morning ritual gives you leverage over the rest of the day and allows you to take momentum into the day.

The holistic nature of a morning ritual means you have to address all the parts of you to get the most out of a morning ritual.

So you have to design it with that in mind.

This means your morning ritual is not just something you create to take physical actions.

You must also include a mental and spiritual aspect to your morning ritual.

So that means physical+mental+spiritual = morning ritual.

Consistently working on all these different aspects of who you are will lead to change.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy but it will give you a lot better chance of getting what you want.

And I assume what you want is to be successful in whatever your goals are.

Becoming Professional

Whatever your goals are you must create a ritual built on the idea of being a professional.

You must decide that you will become a professional in life.

This must be your starting point.

Make the decision to become a professional and reject mediocrity.

After you made this decision you design your ritual.

Moring Ritual Design

Morning rituals must be designed holistically but you can tailor them to focus on a specific area of your life that is currently a priority.

For example, maybe you want to lose weight and that is a priority for you to take care of your health as soon as possible.

If that is the case then you can design a morning ritual to lose weight.

Or you can build a morning ritual that is focused on building your buiness or a morning ritual that is focused on spiritual growth.

Whatever your priority right now you can design it tailored to your specific prioritize for goals right now.

30 Day Habits

I have mentioned it before and I will mention it again.

I don't sell magic pills.

I sell practical tools that will help you get what you want.

You still need to do work and show some determination to get what you want.

With that in mind, you have to remember that most habits take about 30 days to get set in your mind.

So when you start your morning ritual keep this in mind and show some willpower to reach your goals and become a professional.

If you are reading this blog then you already placed yourself in an elite group.

Now you should start doing the work by showing your heart and desire to transform yourself into a professional who overcomes adversity and go on to win.

Start Building Optimism And Reject The Naysayers

Just the fact that you are thinking of starting a morning ritual means you are already placing yourself in a small group of people that at least start taking action.

Now you have to prove that you are an elite individual and a professional.

To do that you need to make this whole process easier by starting to build optimism about where you are going with your morning ritual.

Remember you are doing this for a reason.

Your morning ritual is just a tool for a vision you have for yourself.

That should be your focus.

Therefore you must eliminate energy vampires and negativity.

Focus on positivity and start building a mental environment of optimism.

You will need optimism and humor to get through all the tests your own mind will throw at you.

So be optimistic and let your morning ritual guide you.


If you want to learn more about morning rituals and everything you need to totally transform your life and go after your goals then get my book Self Discipline.

The book will guide you and give you the structure to start building the life you always wanted.

Until next time..