Today I want to talk about our testosterone levels.Testosterone is the most important hormone in a man's body.

Modern society has declared war against testosterone; they hate what it does for men.

The society we live in celebrates everything that is against masculinity; they love soy boys and beta males.They hate strong men.

So they have pumped our food sources with estrogen and created an environment for us to stagnate in inactivity and mediocrity.

High Testosterone gives us societies with strong independent men driven to do great things.Low testosterone gives us feminist socialist societies and male subordination.

All great achievements of men in history have been because men with high levels of testosterone were driven to achieve great things.

So this post is going to be a practical step by step post about how you can raise your testosterone in a natural way.

So let's begin, and let's look at 10 ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels:

boost testosterone naturally

(1)Don't eat too many Carbs (and focus on quality)

If you are an active person who exercises a lot, then you will need some carbohydrates, but don't overdo it.

Focus on healthy carbs like white rice.Stay away from processed food as a source of carbs.

(2)Eat a lot of meat and Good Fats

Eat a lot of healthy fats like grass fed butter and meat from grass-fed animals.

If you can't find organic or grass fed then just try to get the best quality meat you can.

Any meat is still better than no meat.Unsalted grass-fed butter is also a great source of fat.

(3)Avoid Sugar

This one is a hard one for many people and its one of the most important ones on the list.

Sugar creates chaos with your hormones and immune system.Avoid it or save it for a cheat day once a week.

(4)Avoid All Soy products.

Don't be a Soy Boy. Soy is one of the biggest reasons that the men in the west are becoming overly feminine.

Soy is a big source of estrogen the dominant female hormone.

Although men need some estrogen in their system, it's not healthy to have the large amounts of estrogen that soy products contain.

Avoid it!!Its everywhere and companies use it as a cheap filler in a lot of products, so read labels and make sure you don't get any soy into your system.

(5)Lift Weights

Lifting weights by doing big compound movements will boost your testosterone in a massive way.

There is a reason you feel amazing after you lift weights.

Testosterone makes you feel focused, driven and ambitious and lifting weights makes us feel that way very quickly.

(6)Sprints – High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training or sprints is another great way to boost your testosterone.

Sprinting that raises your heart rate very quickly has a lot of benefits like fat loss and most importantly raises testosterone levels.

Go for a run and add some sprints in your run.

(7)Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an important part of keeping your male hormones in check and balanced.I reason why a lot of guys struggle to lose fat is because of low testosterone levels caused by lack of sleep.

So make sure you get at least 5 hours of sleep.(6 if you can)I know we should try and go for 7 or 8 to get the most out of sleep, but I try to focus on quality sleep and get the same benefits.

Besides, I don't want to waste too much time sleeping.

So for me, 5 hours of quality sleep works.

To get good quality sleep make sure you have a very dark room, cool room temperature and of course a quiet environment.

Also, avoid caffeine 5 hours before you go to bed.(this is a hard one and different for everyone so figure out what works for you regarding caffeine.


High-quality supplements are vital to make sure your hormones are regulated properly.

Not all supplements are equal so make sure you buy quality supplements not cheap multivitamins.If you do go for a multivitamin make sure it's a quality proven supplement.

If you cant, get good supplements then rather go without them.

Most important vitamins for high testosterone levels are Vitamins D3, K2, A, and Zinc.

(9)Stop Using (bad)Deodorant

Deodorant has all kinds of harmful chemicals that create havoc in your body.

I haven't used deodorant since high school, and I feel great.

I don't have strong body order, but if you think you need deodorant then try to find a non-chemical form of deodorant to minimize the damage to your testosterone levels.

(10)Cold Showers

Cold showers have many positive effects, but the most important one for us is the positive effects it has on our testosterone levels.

So try out some cold showers after you go the gym.Take a hot shower and then turn it cold the last 2 minutes.

Even better, try an Ice bath before training and experience the benefits of Ice Bath