Will you sacrifice for success?

Do you want to change your life?

Do you want to become successful in whatever you are doing?

Do you want to reach that goal?


What Usually Happens.

So you start taking action and you get some momentum.

But then you gradually stop taking the actions needed for you to go where you want to go.

You get motivated but you get pulled down again.

Before you know it you are back where you started?

Why does it seem like a lot of times we are running in circles and can't seem to get what we want?

But take a step back and observe yourself and your actions over the last week, month and year.

You will find that you were kind of committed to what you were doing but you didn't totally give 110%.

You had a safety rope around your middle.

The reason why you weren't committed was that you are not willing to cut it all off.

You want to be successful but you also want to watch a Game of Thrones marathon.

You want to be successful but you still want to do all your hobbies.

You want to be successful but you still want to go out with your friends on the weekends.

You want to be successful but you still want to eat junk food.

You want to be successful but you still want to drink a lot of alcohol.

You want to be successful but you still want to spend hours every day on Facebook and Twitter.

You want to be successful but you still sleep late in the mornings.

You want to be successful but your office and home is a total mess.

You want to be successful but your inbox and desktop is out of control and overflowing.

You want to be successful but you spend more money than you make.

You want to be successful but you are not willing to give whatever it takes to win.

Will You Sacrifice For Success?

The reality is to achieve anything great takes an enormous commitment.

It takes giving up a lot of stuff you love.

To compete on this hyper-competitive planet you need to take everything you do to the next level.

You have to cut everything off that is not aligned with your mission.

You need to focus like a laser.

You need to become obsessed with your mission.

That is what it takes to get what you want.

Sacrifice for success!

You Can Stop Right Now.

Guess what?

You don't have to do it.

You can stop reading right now and leave this website.

You can get comfortable and give up on your mission and purpose.

You can go back to being average and not being who you want to be.

You can go right now and have a drink.

Enjoy yourself.

Still here?

Ok Good, for those of you still reading let's get down to business.


The Cause and Effect Of Life.

Cause and effect.

Very simple on the surface but it's a concept that has millions of levels and it reaches into everything we do every day.

Every action you take consistently has consequences.

Consistently not doing what you are supposed to do leads to chaos.

Consistently doing what you have to leads to success.

We need to take control of our daily actions and we need to cut out everything that is not in alignment with our mission.

You don't just need to cut it out, you need to cut it out consistently.

You have to be persistent in your actions and start building momentum in the conscious actions you take.

the matrix

Unconscious Cause and Effect.

Go sit down with a pen and paper. Look back over the last 24 hours.

Try and remember what you did every hour and write it down.

Try and look back over the past week and write down what you did.

For the next week stop every 2 hours and write down what you did.

For example, if you watched TV for 2 hours then write it down.

If you went to the gym for an hour write it down.

At the end of the week take a look at where you are wasting time.

Everything that is a luxury and a waste of time has to go.

You Can Do Anything You Want But You Can't Do Everything.

People like to say do everything you want.

That's true if you don't have goals and don't want to achieve anything massive in your life.

However, if you are reading this I assume you want to reach your potential and win.

If that is the case you need to accept the fact that you need to become someone else to get what you want.

People Will Judge You And That Is OK.

When you suddenly change and stop showing up to things people will ask questions.

For example, if you stop getting drunk on Friday evening your friends will ask you what's up?

They will criticize your actions and even make fun of you.

They will say things like “We liked you just the way you were”.

This is your signal that you are making the right moves.

People always get uncomfortable when people they know start improving themselves.

They start feeling uncomfortable about their own lives and then they come after you.

Let them have their judgments, it's your life.

Live it your way.

sacrifice for success

Lift Yourself Up and Elevate Yourself To The Next Level.

Once you go all in it will be painful in the beginning.

Your own mind will question why you are putting yourself in so much discomfort.

You have to fight this urge to go back to comfort.

The ancient part of your brain always wants to be comfortable.

It doesn't like you walking outside your comfort zone.

It doesn't like the changes taking place.

You need to fight this and elevate yourself to the next level.

Then look down and realize there are thousands of levels that you can move up.

One step at a time.

Get better and better.

alpha male

You Need To Change Before Anything In Your Life Can Change.

People like to look outside themselves for solutions.

They like to blame someone else or some circumstance for their current situation.

The only truth is that you need to change and then everything in your life will change.

Sure it sounds a little daunting to change so drastically.

But here is the truth.

It's a lot worse than that.

Its hard to change, it going to challenge you in ways that you didn't expect and is going to ask everything from you.

But here is the good news, after you fight the first few battles you get used to fighting and you become good at winning battles against yourself.

You become good at changing yourself into the King you were born to become.

self development

When You Change Everything Changes.

Cause and Effect will be as clear a day for you when you start seeing the results of committing totally to your mission.

The Law of cause and effect does not compromise.

If you put in the work you will see the results follow.

But the results you get will be in direct alignment with the amount of work you put in.

Work like a beast and burn your boats behind you and the results will show this action and commitment.

Do the opposite and chaos will show itself.

The Universe Is In Your Mind.

We are all part of a universal mind.

We are all in this game called life when we open our eyes.

All the actions we take every day has an effect.

Your mind is your biggest friend and ally.

It can also be your biggest enemy if you allow it to get out of control.

More about how to control your mind in a differen

For now, let's start with taking stock of our daily choices and decisions and seeing how things around us start transforming.

success requires sacrifice

The Patterns in Your Life Is Not a Coincidence.

The Patterns in your life is not random.

It's not a coincidence.

Everything you see in your life right now is because of you.

Everything you will see in your life in the future will be because of you.

Take ownership of everything in your life.

Remember, success requires sacrifice.

Sacrifice For Success!

Be the cause of becoming a King.