Are you comfortable being uncomfortable?

What do you do when things get uncomfortable?

When things get tough?

When things get hard?

Do you run?

Do you give up?

Do you decide this is not for you?

Or do you want to get comfortable being uncomfortable?

The World We Live In

We live in a world now that is very protected and sensitive.

So following is the reality of most people:

Tired? Just take a break.

Uncomfortable? Just stop!

Are things getting tough? Let's make it easier.

Standards are high? Let's lower the standards.

This is the world we live in.

I Have Good News

But I have some good news for you.

To stand out today is not hard.

All you have to do is keep your head down and keep on going.

Because guess what?

Most people will give up.

They will quit.

They will try something once or twice and walk away.

People give up so easily that this means one thing for you.

It means an opportunity.

get comfortable being uncomfortable


The opportunity for you right now is to get in the game.

That alone will give you a massive advantage knowing most will quit.

Of course, the things I'm talking about are not easy.

However, you can do this if you put in the hard work necessary.

If you stay focused, persevere and install self-discipline you can do anything.

With this in mind, let's look at some examples of things to overcome.

Things that I discuss on this blog are things like mindset,money, dating, fitness, self-defense, and lifestyle.

So let's take dating for example.

Let's say you suck with talking and communicating with women.

Because of this problem, your dating life is nonexistent.

Which also means no sex.

All if it sucks.

So have a choice.

You take action or become a virgin again.

What do most guys do?

Most never even get in the game.

A second big group is a medium-sized group that at least have the courage to step up and try to change it.

The bad news for this group is they give up at the first sign of resistance.

They will follow some dating advice from a coach or a book but then give up.

They will say it doesn't work.

They will say it's bullshit.

They will say it doesn't work.

They were close to making a transformation and having success with women and dating.

But then that little bitch inside them kicked in and stopped them.

Then there is a small group of guys that do the same thing with one major difference.

They also get the coach or book.

They have made a choice that they will succeed.

They have made a conscious choice that they have to win no matter what.

They overcome their inner resistance and keep on pushing until they succeed.

In fitness, the same thing happens.

Guys want to get in shape, lose weight and build muscle.

They stand around and talk about how they are going to do it.

They start that fitness program and then when things get hard the same thing happens.

They give up.

They quit when things start hurting.

They wake up the next morning after their first major gym session and their bodies are hurting.

So they stop.

They have to get up before work to go for a run.

It's too hard so after a week they don't run anymore.

They started cooking healthy food for a week but after a week it was interfering with their favorite TV show so they quit.

The first sign of discomfort and its over.

Again there is a small group of men in the same situation who feel the same resistance, but they have made their choice to win no matter what.

They overcome that resistance and transform their minds and bodies in the process.

The Mind Is Key

When we see people being successful we think those people have some special ability or talent that we don't have.

Sure some people do have a special talent or gift that make them excel.

But I have seen many talented people that were more gifted than I fail.

They fail because their minds are weak and fragile.

They have not done any inner work to strengthen their own minds.

The mind is key and if you don't master it you will lose.

Changing your mind is a process.


Make A Decision

First things first.

You need to make a decision.

A decision to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Whatever you want to achieve must become an obsession for you.

It needs to be something that is a must for you.

You need to decide that this is what you want.

You need to decide that you will not settle for anything less than reaching your goal.

There is no turning back.

Burn the boats in your mind.

Yea I get it.

Fear is a real thing.

Everyone feels fear.

However, the people who you think are fearless also feel fear.

But there is one major difference.

They don't stop for fear.

They see, feel and recognize the fear.

But they just keep on moving forward.

They leave it there in the dark corners of their minds.

They leave it behind and go on to win.

Unfortunately what most people do is they get stuck in fear.

Don't be one of those people.

If you can move forward and overcome your fears then you will be successful in whatever you want to achieve.

Choose courage over fear and you will be successful.

mental toughness

How To Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable : 5 Minute Thinking and The Big Picture

OK so now you made your decision to go after your goal or vision.

You want to achieve that thing and nothing is going to stop you.

Now we get to one of the biggest obstacles for most people.

The biggest obstacle for most people is getting overwhelmed with the big picture.

The picture fucks with them.

It screws them over and they are left paralyzed.

It's like their minds get blocked.

Then they quit.

Let's look at an example.

Let's say someone starts a business.

When the person was thinking about the idea it sounded great and he got excited about what it could mean for his life.

But then the next week he did some research and started thinking about the size and reality of what is about to happen.

Suddenly he starts thinking about the weeks, months and years it's going to take to build the business.

This feeling of thinking about the big picture freaks him out.

What happens?

He quits!

Another example is a guy who starts a new training program.

He feels excited about transforming his body.

He booked a trainer to help him get fit.

So he gets to the trainer and the guys start explaining what is about to happen.

Immediately the big picture starts creating fear in his mind.

He starts thinking about the next 6 months of training with this guy.

Then in his first grueling workout in the gym his mind starts running off.

He starts thinking about how hard this is and he doesn't know if he will even get through this workout.

And if he can't get through this one how will he get through six months of “hell”?

This big picture horror stories we tell ourselves is what stop many people.

The fear starts becoming overwhelming and most people quit.

So how do we get past this fear and big-picture thinking?

get comfortable being uncomfortable

In Special Operations they have figured out that thinking about the big picture makes many potential special operators quit.

For example, in Special Forces (Green Berets) it could take up to 2 years to get through the airborne, special forces selection and individual specialty training.

This mountain in front of them is a mental block for soldiers.

So how do they handle it?

Well, they get introduced to 5-minute thinking.

They learn to forget about what is lying days, weeks, and months ahead of them.

They learn to focus only on the next 5 minutes.

They think about these little blocks of 5 minutes when they are going through some of the hardest training on the planet.

This is a great lesson in using your mind to overcome the overwhelming big picture.

Remember to forget about the mountain in front of you.

Only focus on the next 5 minutes.

Then start again focusing on the next 5.

Before you know it you will at the top of the mountain.


Being uncomfortable is something you will have to get used to if you want to go after big goals.

To get comfortable being uncomfortable is something you can turn into a skill.

Something you are good at.

You already have an advantage knowing most people will quit.

Now you also know that by making a decision and thinking in 5 min blocks will give you the edge.

So next time you are uncomfortable.

Stay calm, breath and tell yourself “Stay in the moment and just get through this 5 minutes.

When that 5-minutes is over tell yourself “You know what? I can do another 5!”

This doesn't mean it will be easy.

But it means you can do this.

It means you got this.

So go out walk past fear and laugh at it.

Good Luck!