How do you change your life? Wherever you are right now it doesn't matter.

Maybe your back is against the wall.

This could be in many different forms.

Maybe you have no money?

Maybe you are going through a breakup?

Maybe you are in bad physical condition?

Maybe your business is falling apart?

Maybe your job is crap and you want to quit?

Whatever it is you will have to start somewhere and create something out of thin air.

Where do you start?

You start with a spark.

You take a lighter and piece of dry grass.

You light the grass.

how to start success

The Very Small Flame.

First, there will be a very small flame.

This flame represents your spirit or heart.

The fact that you are reading this means you have the courage to step up and fight.

You are willing to step up and go for it.

This spark of inspiration will be your beginning.

You will still feel overwhelmed but you took the first step.

You showed up.


The Small Flame.

Next, a small flame appears.

This is you starting to take action on the idea that you want to execute on.

You know what you have to do or you are at least learning, reading and planning what you have to do to get going.

You start writing down your goals and what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Your Small Flame Gets A Little Bit Stronger.

You now started executing on your plan.

You are going through the list of things you need to do to get you where you want to go.

One by one you start taking your to-do list.

You focus on one thing finish it an move on to the next.

More importantly, you start getting consistent in your actions.

go after your goals

Your Small Flame Grows Bigger.

Your small flame becomes a bit bigger.

You have started to do some important work on your mind.

You have removed negative influences from your life.

People that contribute nothing to you and just bring you down are cut from your circle.

You stopped watching fake news and now you just focus on feeding your mind with positive influences.

You read books, watch videos and listen to audio about things that empower you.

You realized your mindset is the most important tool and you start working on it.

A Medium Strength Flame.

You now start seeing your first results of your actions.

Your flame burns mediums strong.

Your confidence is starting to grow and you get more motivated to take bigger and stronger action.

You execute more and you start noticing your results growing stronger and stronger.

thoughts of gold

The Flame Slightly Loses Strength.

You started getting cocky and lost focus for a while.

You lost focus and things went slightly backward.

You realize this is not an overnight success story.

You realize that you need to keep momentum and you have to persevere.

You can not stop taking action.

You have to maintain your relentless action.

You realize this is not just something you do.

Its something you have to become.

You are not outside this flame.

You are the flame.

You are the fire.

It's all up to you.

Your Flame Starts Gaining A lot Of Strength.

You learned from your setback and you start taking massive relentless action.

Even with small setbacks you steam ahead and execute.

You consistently work on your mind to keep yourself aligned with your mission.

You learned the key lesson of always showing up no matter what.

think big

You Throw Massive Pieces Of Wood On The Fire.

You start realizing that the more big pieces of wood you throw on the fire the bigger the flame burns.

What is your wood?

It's your actions.

Every time you make a sales call.

Every time you write a book.

Every time you do excellent work.

Every time when you go to the gym.

Every time you go for a run.

Every time you meditate.

Every time you read a book.

Every time you take an action that is aligned with your vision and mission.

Your actions are the giant pieces of wood.

Every time you show up.

Your Flame Burns Like A Giant Forest Fire.

You have now thrown massive pieces of wood on your fire consistently for months and years.

Your flame is burning so strong that it is almost impossible to kill it.

It's burning by itself.

You stand in the darkness watching this flame.

You smile because you know you build this fire.

You are this fire.