We live in a world that is connected like never before.

Knowledge and information are everywhere.

With all this knowledge comes warning signs.

Gatekeepers telling us what is good and what is bad.

The so-called “Experts” telling us which people, books and information are good and bad.

They tell us which people can be trusted and which cannot.

Unfortunately, most people just buy the hype.

They accept the reasons why you should not read the book, do the course or travel to the country as a fact.

They believe popular opinion and unfortunately live in a false reality.

Years ago I also believed the same opinions from “experts”.

Almost all of it turned out to be mostly false.

The important thing is most of us don't bother to go and check if something is what they say it is.

Open Mind

They key to all of this is having an open mind and not just accepting things.

In my own life I have 3 examples that stand out:

L. Ron Hubbard

Firstly I want to make it clear.

I'm not a Scientologist and don't follow their religious beliefs.

With that out of the way. Let's continue.

For years I heard stories about  and how he was a crazy man who just wrote about aliens.

They told me Scientology basically is the same.

So people warned me about not getting close to Scientology.

Don't read the books they said.

Don't waste your time with it they said.

At first, I just accepted it.

But my nature has always been to question things.

And the fact that people were so against it made me curious.

A short while after that someone I really admire mentioned one of their books.

The person who mentioned it was Grant Cardone the Billionaire and real estate Master.

Very few people are as successful as him.

He is someone I see as a role model so when he mentioned it I ordered the book.

The book was called The Problems of Work by L. Ron Hubbard.

Guess what no space aliens.

No weird planets.

Turned out L. Ron Hubbard was both a fiction Writer and a Writer of Scientology books.

So people who warned me about the book failed to mention this.

It also turned out most of the people that warned me about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology never read anything about it.

The book turned out to be interesting and learned a few interesting things and a few things that turned out to be very valuable.

Did I agree with everything?


Did I learn something?


Don't let bullshit stories prevent you from learning something form “dangerous people”.

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is a controversial figure online.

If you believe the popular opinion then you would think he is some kind of scam artist.

If you read all the comments on his Facebook page then you would see a lot of negativity.

This is the same type of negativity I encountered.

The first time I asked about Tai Lopez people told me “That guy is fake” or “He is a scam artist”.

Again I decide to go against popular opinion.

So went and purchased his 67 Steps program.

I got the program to find out if he was really a “scam artist”.

Guess what?

The program turned out to be great.

The program was packed with value and I learned a lot.

After that, I purchased some of his other programs and also learned a lot.

If I just believed what most people said I would have missed out on a lot of value.

Were his programs perfect?


Was his program the best thing I ever purchased?


But I learned a lot and I'm glad I did it.

Sure, Tai is a someone with a heavy social media presence which can get annoying.

But as an entrepreneur, he pushes the boundaries and as a result, he is highly successful.

Guess what?

Those people who “warned ” me never used one of his programs.

Not one!

Grand Cardone

Grant Cardone is someone I admire a lot and I see him as one of my virtual mentors.

I have read a lot of his books and did many of his programs.

He was also someone that a lot of people warned me about.

They said “Cardone is just a salesman trying to take your money” or “Cardone is obsessed about money”

Well turns out these people were all wrong.

To say I learned a lot from him is an understatement.

His real estate program taught me how to start making money in real estate.

His success mindset programs helped me make more money than I ever thought possible.

I took a chance buying his programs and went against the “advice” about him.

It turns out it was the best decision I ever made.

His book the 10x rule helped me to transform my financial life and success.


The bottom line of this post is this.

Don't be scared of looking at people seen as “controversial” or “weird”.

Make your own choices and find out yourself before making decisions based on other people's opinions.

Even if it turns out that you don't like what you find on the other side you would have learned something.

But in my experiences every time I go into those “weird” areas it turned out to be some of the best choices I ever made.

Follow your own mind and think for yourself.

You might just find something you never expected.