When you decide to change your life or make any significant changes, expect opposition to appear out of nowhere.

The funny thing about this opposition is that it was hiding.

It was waiting until you made a move to do something with your life.

Maybe you want to make big drastic changes in your life?

Maybe you want to move to a different country?

Maybe you want to change jobs?

Maybe you want to break up with someone that is not good for you?

Maybe you want to lose the weight that has been making you sick and feeling bad?

Maybe you want to start a business?

Maybe you want to finally ask that girl out after months of doing nothing?

Maybe you want to stop eating junk?

Maybe you want to stop drinking and parting so much?

Maybe you want to transform your whole life and start over?

Maybe its all of the above?

I don't know!

But whatever it is I'm here to encourage you to go for it absolutely but with a warning.

A warning to expect opposition.

Expect opposition from 2 fronts.


Outside World

When you make any big change in life you are going to make people around you uncomfortable.

This is going to cause them to come after you.

Some people won't have bad intentions, but they will oppose you because they don't want to be left behind.

Some people will just want things to stay the same.

These people get uncomfortable because they will suddenly start feeling uncomfortable about their own lives.

The other group of people is just people who want to stop you.

These people can't stand seeing other people going for success.

What scares them is that you might actually make it and then expose as mediocre.

What both these groups have in common is fear.

They are both terrified of people with the courage to go after their dreams.

It scares them to see people break the comfort zone and walk into uncertainty.

It scares them because they don't have the courage to do it.

Inside World

The second front of opposition will come to from yourself.

Your own mind is going to turn against you and question you.

I have referred to this before as the “resistance”.

The “Resistance” is what the author Steven Pressfield refers to when he talks about that voice in your head.

That voice that comes up and tries to stop you.

For example, you want to go for a run and then suddenly a voice in your head will have some magnificent story why you should not do it.

Another example is when you want to start writing that book or project, and the voice pops up and tells you there is a great TV show on right now that you can't miss.

This “resistance” is usually very persuasive and gets many people to stop what they are doing.

The resistance is basically the voice that tries stopping you from doing the important work that you need to do.


The reason I'm telling you is to expect this resistance.

So many people give up because they fall for these forces trying to stop them.

They either listen to the voices outside them or ones on the inside.

The only way you are going to overcome this is to expect it to come your way.

When it does show up, you will not be surprised.

You will be ready to punch it in the mouth and move right past it.