How safe is your life?

How much “sense” does your life make to others?

Is your life a catalog of how modern life “should” be lived.

How bored are you every day?

How much do you hate your job?

How much do you care what everyone else is saying about you?

Did you walk the path that was expected of you?

Do you wish you could go outside that invisible wall that keeps you safe and cozy.

Safe from any real risk?

Maybe you have been dreaming about stepping outside that reservation that most men live in.

The reality is that a lot of men talk.

They talk a lot.

They talk about how they going to do something different with their lives.

They talk about “something special”.

They talk about following their passion. 

They talk about making a difference.

They talk about becoming rich and wealthy.

They talk about becoming a millionaire and traveling the world.

They talk about dating amazing women.

They talk about putting themselves out there for the world to judge.

They Only Talk

They only talk because deep down they fear the reality of going for it.

Because the reality is that if you step outside the reservation you have to put yourself out there.

This is where the big problem starts.

Because the real story of going after what you really want is one of risk.

Its one of taking the road less traveled.

But for those of us, that has been on this road know the truth about it.

We know that this road is not the one being discussed in bars and at BBQ's on weekends.

It's not the nice road people talk about while living their cozy, sheltered and protected lives.

For those of us that have walked this road know that this road is dangerous and lonely.

It's a road full of contradictions, challenge, and fear.

that makes no sense

Its a road is full of tests and questions.

It's a road that exposes you and shows you to the world.

There is nowhere to hide on this road.

But for those of us that have been on this road knows that the rewards at the end of this road are what makes it worth it.

The rewards of freedom, independence and wealth.

The reward of doing whatever the fuck you want.

These rewards come with one condition.

It has to be earned.

You can't fake your way through this road.

There is a right of passage on this road and no one gets to walk on this road without paying the price.

No one gets anything for free.

There are no handouts or safe spaces.

It's just you and your will.

This road is almost never busy.

And if it gets busy it's never busy for long because most men crash and burn.

Most men quit and walk away to safety.

They go back to their “normal” 9-5 existence where they work for a corporation and give away their independence and freedom.


Should You Do It?

Should you step out from the “plan” they made for your life?

For most, I would say NO.

But I know there are some “strange” men out there that feel something stirring inside them.

They already know that they are not built for this normal slave existence of just working and paying bills.

I know there are men out there that are ready to sacrifice everything to get what they really want.

They know they might fail but they are willing to put it all on the line and go for it.

They have the courage and are willing to expose their own weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Because in the end, that is what it's all about.

That's why you should be the man that makes no sense.

that makes no sense

It's A Test

This game of life is a test.

It's a test of your will.

It's a test of your self -discipline.

It's a test of your courage.

It's a test of your heart.

It's a test of your Soul.

It's a test of your limits.

It's a story that you are writing.

It's a story that you will define your legacy on this planet.

Are you going to step up?

Or are you going to run for safety?

Your call!


When you get to the point where your life does not make “sense” to most people know this:

You have your Freedom.