So you want to learn how to get what you want?

Since I was a boy I had many dreams and visions for my future.

I can tell long stories about why I took me so long before I started to go after them.

However, I don't want to bore you with that.

So lets fast forward and tell you why it took me so long before I really started going after them.

The reason is courage.

I lacked the courage to go after the things the that I really wanted.

It blocked me from happiness.

I get it, easier said than done

We hear many stories and gurus that say”just show some courage”.

But sometimes these gurus and movies are right.

The lack of courage is something we don't talk about anymore.

We think it's something that warriors and fighters need to overcome physical adversity.

Sure that's true, but going after dreams requires the same courage to commit fully.

how to get what you want

The Road To Freedom

The thing about our dreams and fantasies is that to go after them comes at a cost.

The cost could be being laughed at and people thinking you're crazy.

It could come at the expense of your finances.

It could cost you your relationship or friends.

It could cost you your health.

Many things could start changing once you commit to going after your goals.

The reality about dreams is that all these things I just mentioned in the previous paragraph is not just a few scary things.

These things I said is a very real possibility if you jump off the cliff and go after your dreams.

Many people try and fail.

That is the truth.

Freedom Comes At a Cost

Any real freedom comes at great sacrifice and cost, and there is always a significant chance of failure.

This goes for freedom of a country or your personal freedom.

Things can go bad, that is life.

That is the nature of this planet and the universe.

Bad shit happens.

You can't get the good without risking the bad.

So stepping out on to that cliff takes courage.

Even if you have the initial burst of courage its many times not enough.

The road is long and hard.

You will have to make a friend of fear and an even better friend with courage.

You will need to produce courage on a consistent basis.

Guess what?

Big dreams take massive amounts of effort and perseverance and if you give in to fear you can lose it all.

So taking the first step is just the beginning.

Courage has to be maintained until you have reached the destination.

Maintaining Courage In Life

Let's take business for example.

You have a dream of starting your online business, and you finally get over your fear and take the leap.

You buy that program that will teach you how to start your own online business.

You make a substantial financial investment.

Let's say you pay $2000 for your online course that will give the knowledge and skills to get going.

So you start off all exciting, and you get some momentum.

You get through the course, and your business is almost set up.

Then you start making those sales calls and you start hitting some resistance.

Your bills start adding up, and you start worrying about if this is going to work out.

This point right here is where most people jump ship.

This is where fear comes and sits on your lap and tell you that you are fucked.

Fear start talking to you and tell you that this “business” of yours is never going to work.

In fact its already not working.

So you start believing the fear and you start listening to all the “friends” around you.

Those friends that told you rather to “play it safe and take the job at the insurance company.”

Those friends that say “I told you so.”

Those friends that told you to “Stop wasting your time, get married and buy a house.”

So what do most guys do?

They break, they give up.

They give in to fear.

The lack of courage forces them to quit.

Dreams Dead.

the matrix

Life is complicated

Listen I get it.

Life is complicated and hard.

The margin for error is small.

We can't afford too many big mistakes.

However, that being said we can afford a few big mistakes and we can afford some risk.

In fact, the risk is bigger when you play it safe.

I see many people who played it safe that look dead already.

But you want to learn how to get what you want.

You are alive!

So think about sports.

The greatest games are the ones when someone takes a risk, shows some courage and wins the game.

Those are the games that you remember.

Those are the players that become legends.

These players make the dreams of the next generation.

Wanna get married?

You can always do it later.

Don't let your dreams come second to women and getting some.

You can always get some more later.

Wanna buy a house?

Do it later or not at all.

Owning a house to live in is a mistake(Only buy as investments and rent where you live).

Stop listening to people who don't have your best interest at heart.

Even your friends will be against you many times because of the fear of being left behind.

how to get what you want

When The Time Is Right Go All In

You need to realize that on this planet you might just have one shot to put all your chips on the table and go for it.

That shot can come when you are 21,34,43 or 49.

But when that shot presents itself go all in and commit.


You Are a Warrior

Get some courage out and start fighting.

It was a while ago when I saw an interview with Dana White the CEO of the UFC.

In the meeting, he mentions that every man on this planet is a fighter or warrior.

Most men might not know it yet but it's deep inside them.

Every day we fight battles, and we have a choice.

The choice is to be a warrior and start fighting or go lie down and die.

The choice is easy, show some courage and start kicking down some doors.

All you need to do is show up!

Keep on Moving Forward.

how to get what you want


Freedom is probably the greatest gift you can get.

Freedom of worry, freedom of bills, freedom of location, freedom of a boss, freedom to do whatever the fuck you like.

We all want that.

It is possible to create freedom, but it's not easy, and it comes at a cost.

That cost is courage.

Courage is key to how to get what you want.

If you can grow courage and start going after your dreams, then you have a shot.