Nobody knows how this life is going to turn out. Most people have no clue what they are doing.

Most people you looked up to as a child probably had no idea what they were doing.

Most People are going in the wrong direction.

Sure we have figured out a lot as species.

But we have barely scraped the surface when it comes to what is really going on in the universe.

Nobody has figured out life and come up with an answer to why we are here?

There is no perfect way of living.

There is no road that you have to follow.

The road you take is your choice and your choice alone.

What we do know is that there bad roads in life and good roads.

Most people are just unconsciously walking on a road to nowhere.

A lot of people know they are on the wrong road and just choose not to take the good road.

Usually fear and fear of other's opinions are the main reason.

Life Is a Puzzle

Nobody on this planet knows everything.

Life is a puzzle and you have to put it together.

Maybe at the end of your life, you will put the last piece into the puzzle and you will finally get it.

Try Putting it All Together

To live a good life you need health, wealth, love and happiness.

If you have a good combination of these qualities then you will live a good life.

The question remains how do we live a good life.

How do we get to that big H – Happiness?

Just Waiting To Die

The sad reality is that most people are just waiting to die.

They are living a life they didn't plan to live.

They had great dreams as a child.

When they where growing up someone told them to stop dreaming.

They told them dreaming was bad and that they should start thinking like an “adult”.

They told them to get it together and stop their silly unrealistic dreams.

So they listened and start acting like an “adult”.

What they unconsciously did was to volunteer to be a slave.

A slave to doing things they hate.

A slave to other people's idea of what a good life is.

The reality is that your dreams are the most powerful tool you have in your mind.

Dreams have created everything you see around you right now.

Everything great in the world was first a dream.

Someone had the courage to take that dream and go with it.

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

-Henry David Thoreau


Most Ideas Die

Guess what?

There were many people with the idea of something like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other great companies.

The difference between the people who started companies like Facebook and those other people you never heard about is simple.

The successful people took an idea and took massive action.

The ones who chose to ignore their dreams and ideas ended up in the dustbin of history.

That dustbin full of men who chose to live in quiet desperation.

Those men who chose to stop dreaming.

If you stop dreaming as a man you start dying.

Your body keeps on living but your soul starts crumbling and you start sleepwalking through life until your body dies.

Try Something Crazy And Burn Your Boats

The point I'm trying to make is that you should realize the following: Your Time On This Planet Is Limited.

It Will Go Past So Quickly You won't Know What Happened.

So go out and start walking outside your comfort zone.

Try the things you want to try, start going after the dreams you have tried to forget because people told you it sounds crazy.

Do the thing that people say is unrealistic.

Start that business, ask out that women at the bar, go live in a distant country and push yourself into something people think is “crazy”.

I'm not saying do something stupid.

I'm saying do something that moves you, something that inspires you and gets your blood pumping.

Start taking calculated risks.

Go after that thing that you want.

Burn your boats, and go for it.

Masculinity and Dreams

In modern society, masculinity is severely attacked.

It starts in schools when they discourage young men to go after dreams.

They discourage young men to go after what they really want.

They build an army of drones that blindly follow.

If you are lucky enough to read an article like this one then you know you have been brainwashed.

Time for a change.

Time to shake things up.

Time to let your heart beat fast again.

Find the knowledge

Find the knowledge you need to do whatever it is you want to do and then go after it.

Start learning about your dream.

Start preparing yourself to jump into the world and start attacking like a savage.

Do The Work

To Get What You Want to Deserve What You Want

– Charlie Munger

Whatever it is you want will demand a lot from you.

Anything with high value will take dedication and sacrifice.

It will demand everything from you.

Focus, dedication, and courage.

These are a few qualities that you will have to cultivate inside you to turn your “crazy dream” into reality.

Think about anything great and these qualities are there in vast amounts.

Think about the great explorers of history, the great inventors, great warriors, a great scientist, and artists.

They personified these qualities.

Nothing less will be demanded from you if you want to do something great.

To do the thing you want you to need to take the actions to deserve it.

Nothing will be given to you.

You will get nothing for free.

The world owes you absolutely nothing so don't expect any handouts.

Besides you don't want any handouts, you want to create your greatness with the powerful actions you take on this planet.

Actions that other people will first criticize and later admire.

First, they will hate you and then they will love you.

So try something new and “Crazy” because we are all going to die!