Having a choice is an incredible thing.

But inside choice lies a big trap.

This trap gets many men.

These men didn't expect to be trapped.

In fact, they didn't expect anything they just thought they were making a choice.

Before they knew it they lost everything.

If you have a vision for your life then you must expect this trap.

Then avoid it as soon as you see it.

Remember the following words, “You can do anything you want, but you can't do everything”.

The fact that we live in a modern world with infinite choices is both a blessing and a curse.

It makes many men run around like headless chickens running into walls.

In entrepreneurship, they sometimes call it “The Shiny Object Syndrome”.

The shiny Object syndrome is jumping from one thing to another and never really building anything into something substantial.

As soon as you start seeing some shape in a project the person runs off after something new.

Then the same thing happens again.

For example a while ago an I met an entrepreneur who was building an online consulting business.

At the time he was about 3 months into the business which means it basically still day one.

I could see he was already getting impatient with the lack of progress.

A month later I ran into him again.

I asked him how it's going and he told me he closed down his business.

He said he decided to start trading in Cryptocurrencies.

He invested $40000 in his new Crypto business.

He lost it all and ended up broke.

I don't need to tell you how that ended for many other people.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is great as an investment if you have a real business and good cashflow.

However its not a good idea to start with crypto as your main business. 

This is just one example of choice becoming a nightmare.

You get the same thing in many other areas of life.

For example in martial arts.

Someone starts doing Judu and then a month later it's boxing.

They never stay in one place long enough to build any real skill.

The Reality Of Choice

“The Man who chases two rabbits catches neither” -Confucius

The reality is this. You have to pick one thing and then become good at that one thing.

See a thousand doors in front of you and choose one.

Forget all those other doors.

You have to have the balls to choose one path and go with it.

It takes courage to say no and stick to your guns.

People will question your choice and ask why you are doing what you are doing?

But you have to cut out all the noise and stay focused.

If you don't cut out all the other choices you won't become good at anything.

In order to develop any skill, you need to spend a lot of hours doing one thing. 

If you want to be world-class then you have to make a choice.

You have to show some guts and determination and go after your goal with a laser focus.

This is how you bend the will of the universe.

This is how the world will notice your work and see the value that you create.

If you want to be extraordinary then you need to become a master at what you do.

So make your choice and set the bar insanely high for yourself and then go out and own that space.

Then you go a step further.

You go way beyond all the expectations.

You move into the genius level.

The World Of Mediocrity

Mediocrity is all around us in abundance and its boring.

If you want to stand out you need to be great in a very noisy world.

To do this you will need to shut it all out and become obsessed.

Take that obsession and combine it with knowledge and a relentless heart.

Then you will rise the very top.

This is the nature of the universe.

This is the nature of cause and effect.