Why are you living like you are never going to die?

We all do it.

I did it at one stage of my life and wasted a lot of time.

I see many people talking about all the things they are going to do but never do them.

They live like they are immortal.

If that is you then I have some bad news.

You are going to die.

We all are.

This is not something I'm saying to make you feel like shit

It's just the truth.

Imagine tomorrow a doctor tells you that you have a disease like cancer.

They are not exactly sure when you will die but they know it will happen at some stage.

It might be tomorrow?

In a week?

A month?

Or 5 years from now?

One thing is sure you are going to die.

But how to accept death?

“We trouble our life by thoughts about death, and our death by thoughts about life.”

― Michel de Montaigne

The Good Bad News

But I have some more bad news.

We all have that disease.

Its called life.

You might die at any time.

This is just the nature of life.

You can walk across the road and get hit by a truck.

You can get killed in a car crash.

Or you can die in millions of other ways.

We all live in this unpredictable universe.

The sooner you wake up to this fact, the better.

Realize that that thing you want to say or do is waiting and the clock is ticking.

There might not be another tomorrow or another year.

Maybe you want to ask out a woman on a date?

Maybe you want to travel somewhere?

Maybe you want to start that business?

Maybe you want to climb Everest?

Maybe you want to buy that car?

I'm here to tell you to take action.

Do it now.

Stop talking.

Stop overthinking.

Stop the constant over-planning and overanalyzing.

Stop avoiding what you know has to be done.

It's up to you to let go of that fear that is holding you back.

Maybe you are scared of what other people might say?

Maybe you are worried about your looks?

Perhaps you are concerned that you are not good enough?

When you worry tell yourself to stop.

Then start thinking about your death.

That's how to accept death.

Know that in the end you only have one thing to worry about.

And that is not doing the things you want while you still have time.

how to accept death

Samurai Mind: How To Accept Death And Life Free

The Samurai were fearless in battle because they regularly meditated on their death.

They knew and accepted that they were mortal.

They accepted death totally.

This created freedom.

The freedom to fight without fear.

The freedom to be creative.

The freedom to be in the moment.

Because in the end the moment is the only thing that you can control.

So start living in the moment and embrace life.

Your life literally depends on it.

The reason why most people hold back is because they try to control everything.

You Can't Control Everything

The truth is you can't control everything.

You can control your actions but you can't control the universe and the chaos that is within it.

Once you know this truth you will start experiencing freedom.

Freedom to act the way you want to.

Freedom to live the way you want.

Freedom to say and do what you want.

I'm not saying you should do something stupid.

Or maybe I am.

But its time you start breaking off those shackles that have been around your ankles for years.

Are You A Mental Slave?

Most people don't even know they have these shackles.

They are slaves.

Slaves to the limitations they have placed on themselves.

Ever seen that picture where an horse is tied to a plastic chair?

All the horse has to do is walk away and break the chair into pieces.

But the horse stays there.

He stays there because his mind is conditioned to think he cant be free.

But its an illusion.

All he has to do is take action.

This is the story of most of the people on the planet.

how to accept death

What Is Your Story Going To Be?

Are you one day going to look back on your life with regret?

Are you going to wish you lived your dreams and took action?

Or are you going to look back and know you took all those risks that you knew you had to take?

Because in the end those risks and fears are the things that make life interesting.

Overcoming adversity and facing our fears is what makes us live full lives.

Walking away into uncertainty will be the most freeing thing you will ever do.

Don't wait until its too late.

Whatever you want to do in life.

Do it now!

Therefore you must learn how to accept death and live free.

Remember, don't forget, that you are going to die.

So take action!

Memento Mori