Yes, 2020 was a challenging year.

But life goes on.

Yes, I get it! For many, the reality of 2020 meant losing a job or a business.

Maybe you lost someone you cared about or things, in general, started falling apart.

The biggest danger of 2020 for most was not the obvious things like losing financial security or the ending of a relationship.

The biggest danger for many was the psychological effect of the current situation.

With global black swan events like covid 19, a negative wave of emotions gets shared around the world.

Yes, I get it bad things happen, but this is not a new thing on this planet.

Bad things happen and they will happen again.

But don't let this wave of negativity that has been sold by the media take you with it.

Mental health has always been a problem but now it's even more of a challenge to stay mentally healthy.

covid 19

For many, this is the first taste of adversity.

And they are unprepared for the mental challenges they now have to face.

Social media and mainstream media has been riding this wave of fear and bad news for a year.

And if you have been constantly swimming in this sea of negativity then now is the time to get out.

You can't control what is happening in the world.

But what you can control is your own actions.

What you can control is your mind.

Start by stop wasting your time watching the news and social media that is messing with your mind.

Then make a line in the sand and realize that 2020 is done.

Move on to the new year 2021.

And yes I get it,2021 will be challenging.

But you can make this a great year for you if you start now and take control of yourself.

Because that is the only person you have total control over.

If you feel exhausted after 2020 and you are feeling sorry for yourself then stop now.

Life will always throw bad things our way.

But now is the time to regroup and it all starts in your mind.

To start with you need to start focusing on something new.

You need to start focusing on a great future for yourself.

7 habits of highly effective poeple

Because focusing on negativity will bring you nothing except pain.

Choosing to focus on something positive will give you an opportunity to build something great.

Yes, there are no guarantees but there is a great chance of you getting what you want if you focus and do the work.

No matter your current circumstances, if you can imagine something better for yourself, you can create it.

I'm not going to give you a complex formula to magically turn this year into something great.

I'm going to give you practical steps that work.

Some are simple and seem like they won't have power but these are the things you need to do.

Simple is always best.

Everything I'm going to mention must be done consistently to get you the results you want.

So be consistent!


(1)Create A Culture Of Positivity In Your Mind.

Yes, bad things happen, get over it.

It's part of life.

Negativity is everywhere and you dont need to help spread the bad news.

So step away from the negativity and feed your mind with a stream of positive information.

One of the big reasons we need to keep on feeding the mind is because the mind will resist some information to keep old negative thinking habits alive.

Remember the mind just wants to survive so you will have to feed it consistently to take control over it.

You do this by changing the culture of your mind.

Yes, negativity will leak in but you must work on creating a culture of positive thinking where the majority of the time you feed the mind positivity.

This means you constantly work on your own personal development with books, blogs, and videos.

(2)Build A Healthy Culture In Your Life.

Dont wait until you get sick to start working on your health.

Create a healthy culture.

Do strength work and do cardiovascular training.

So go to the gym.

Go swimming and running.

And in the current environment, it's also important to prepare your immune system for infection.

So take the 3 best supplements to help your body through any challenges that might come their way.

-Vitamin D3
This is probably the most important supplement for you to take in the current times.

The benefits of vitamin D are widely known and plays a very important part in the fighting of infections and your overall health.

Another very important supplements to fight infections and build a strong immune system.

-Vitamin C
It's very hard to overdose on Vitamin C so you can take a lot of Vitamin C and be totally be fine. The only bad thing that could happen is some stomach problems if you take too much.



You might take action in this new year of 2021 after reading this article.

But the motivation you feel will start fading after a day or a week from now and you will start feeling that you slipping back into your old thought patterns and habits.

That is why you need to stay focused and find ways to stay focused.

One of the best ways to stay focused is to keep on building the habit of building a positive mind culture as I mentioned earlier in this article.

You can read the blog you are reading now every day to remind you of your new mission in 2021.

But you must find a way.

Put up a reminder in your room or office to remind you to stay focused.

Make a giant vision board for your life.

Make the vision about how you want your life to look 5 years from now.

Then look at the vision board when you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

This type of visual reminder will help you to stay focused.


(4)Take Consistent Action.

This blog you are reading now is filled with articles to help you stay motivated and ideas on how to transform your life.

But it will be up to you to do the work.

You have to take consistent action to get what you want and build the future you want.

Nobody is going to do it for you.

So when you are done reading this, get up and take your first action.

It could be as simple as getting out of bed and cleaning your room or house.

It could be going for a run or throwing out all the junk food in your home.

But take action and then build on that one action you took.

Build momentum and keep going.

warrior mindset

(5)Build A New Culture In Your Life.

The reason most people fail is that they live in a culture of mediocrity.

They might take positive action now and then but because they live in a culture of mediocrity the one positive action has a very limited effect.

So you have to start changing the culture in your life.

What does this mean?

It means everything has to change.

It means you have to align everything in your life to help you on your mission.

Its means you commit to change.

Its means you have standards you dont break in your life.

It means you live by a code.

It means you reject mediocrity not just once but as a way of life.

It means it's who you become.

It's not just something you do.

It means you start living like a warrior.

Because warriors know that life will confront you with battles and you need to be ready to fight.

masculine mindset


Time to start a new chapter.

Time to start fighting back.

New battles will come.

But you can now decide to get up and fight back.

You have the power in you to resist the punches that life throws at you.

Always remember you and I will one day die.

Remind yourself of this fact every day.

But dont fear it, use it as inspiration to live the best life you possibly can live.

Be proud of who you are and who you are becoming.

Take your power back.

Get up and start throwing some punches.

Remember,winning in life is a conscious choice.