Do you want to make a change in 2022?

Do you have some new years resolutions?

Do you have those big plans?

Are you just waiting for the clock to strike midnight before you start?

Most people by now are nursing their new year celebration hangover.

This tradition celebrated by millions around the world has not been part of my life for a long time.

For me its irrelevant to firstly drink myself into a world of pain and secondly to make new years resolutions right before I do it.

What these people are actually saying is this: I'm going to do all these things.

But Only after I get really drunk.

And then I'm out of action for a week anyway.

I used to be part of this pointless activity years ago.

Then I realized its a waste of time.

More importantly, I realized it breaks my momentum.

When midnight strikes the clock on the last day of the year I'm already charging into the new year.

When most people on the planet are recovering from a massive hangover, I'm working.

I'm already planning and scheming for the year ahead while my mission is already steaming like a freight train ahead.

I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.

I'm also not here to ask you to stop celebrating new years.

You make your own choices.

This post is not about your drinking habits.

This post is about why new years resolutions are mostly pointless and don't work for most people.

There are three subcategories inside this big category of people with new years resolutions.

I do not include the millions who don't even pause to think about new years resolutions.

The First Group

The first group talks about new years, but never take the time to actually make a list of things they want to do.

The Second Group

The Second group makes a list and talk a big game and then never act on it.

The Third Group

The last group make a list and feels motivated but within a few weeks, it's like it never happened.

All 3 groups have good intentions.

But whatever group you are in they all fail.

The question is why?

Why New Year Resolutions Fail ?

(1)You Only Do It Because It's a New Year

If you only do it because its a new year you have already lost.

A new year is not a big enough why.

Your why has to be so massive that the new year is irrelevant.

You why should be so big that you would have done the same thing if it was in the middle of the year.

You have to find a reason why you are doing this.

The idea has to be something big.

Maybe you are sick of being fat?

Maybe you are sick of being unhealthy?

Perhaps you are sick of not having enough money?

Maybe you are sick of not having a girlfriend or wife?

Maybe you are sick of not having enough sex?

Maybe you are sick of your current life circumstances?

Whatever it is there must be an emotional blast behind you.

It has to be so strong that you already started taking action.

(2)You Are Not Committed

If you are not willing to jump into the water and swim then you have already lost.

If you are only dabbling with this idea of resolutions, then you will fail.

You can not just put one foot in the water and expect to feel how strong the current is.

You need to jump into the water and stick your head under the water and commit.

Any half measures on this massively competitive planet and you will lose before you started.

(3)You Don't Have A Plan

If you don't have a plan, then you have already lost.

You need a road-map to take you where you want to go.

I'm talking about a detailed plan for everything you do.

What time do you get up?

What do you eat?

What time do you exercise?

What time do you go to work?

What time do you spend with your girlfriend or wife?

What time do you read that book?

You have to plan everything down to the last minute.

This is the only way you are going to turn this whole thing around.

(4)You Need Someone Holding You Accountable

You need someone to keep you accountable for what you are doing.

Find someone that is on a similar mission as you that will keep you accountable for what you are doing?

Someone that will give you the hard feedback that you need.

It cant be someone that's a close friend that makes you feel good about yourself.

Find someone that will give it to you like it is.

Find someone at your gym like a trainer or someone in a similar business as yours and form a mastermind.

Do whatever it takes.

(5)Who Do You Surround Yourself with

If you are surrounded by people who are not good for you, you will lose.

If you are surrounded by people who are trying to stop you,you will lose.

You need to change the environment you are in so that you can reach your full potential

This Includes humans, the scenery and the whole environment you find yourself in.

If you are stuck in a place right now, then start planning how you will get out of there.

You cant stay in a lousy environment and expect to make progress.

You need to surround yourself with people that are also obsessed with their mission.

People that want success for themselves and others.

(6)Deadlines For Your Goals

If you don't have a timeline for your projects or goals you are never going to finish them.

You need to give yourself a time limit for when you want to fish something.

For example, I want to lose 30Kg of fat by June 2019.

Or I want to make $20000 a month by December 2019.

This will motivate you to take massive action towards those goals.

If you don't have a timeline, you will drift around going nowhere.

No timeline equals no result.

alpha mindset

(7)How Fast Do You Commit?

If you are not committing right now to your goals or resolutions you are already lost.

If I ask you this question, “Are you committed to your resolutions and ready to start right now?” and you hesitate then you are in trouble.

If you have to take a timeout to think about it, then you are not serious.

If you are serious, you would just say “Yes absolutely, let's start right now.”


I don't make new years resolutions anymore.

I don't need them.

I have new goals every month.

I don't need to wait for new years to start.

I'm already pumping away and working my ass off.

New years is just a reminder for me to get my act together and stay the course.

I need to stay focused and motivated like everyone else.

So before new years, I take a day off and evaluate where I am and if I should adjust or change some of my goals.

I get a much-needed perspective.

When I'm done I start steaming ahead again.

I know how important momentum is and I don't want to lose it.

So I keep on grinding.

Because I know the clock is ticking.

If you want to transform your life.

Do it Now!

Don't wait, jump in the water and start swimming.